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Am I Zing Enough?


Name|Age|Location:Allison. Seventeen. Florida.

What gender do/would you like to fuck?I prefer to fuck the boy below.

Shaking up with any one?[Picture please.]


7+ Bands:Breaking Benjamin. Three Days Grace. Code Adam. Adair. Blue October. Rascal Flatts. Blue October. Bullet for my Valentine. Alexz Johnson. Evanescence. Stone Sour. Panic! at the Disco. Hellogoodbye.

5+ Movies:Liar Liar. American History X. What's Eating Gilbert Grape? The Mists of Avalon. Happy Feet. Jack. Aladdin. Never Been Kissed. The DaVinci Code. Glory. The Last of the Mohicans.

Color[s]:Dark Blue. Magenta. Red.

Extra Shit

How'd you find us?[From a member, type username.] Sisters with the_injury

Opinions got any? [optional: abortion; self-mutalation; relgion; etc] Discrimination. I'm currently writing a report about it for my history class. And things aren't much better then they were way back when. What made me write about this was a boy in my class. He's horrible. He just doesn't care about anyone but himself. When gay marriage comes up in the news, he's the one who yells out "Ew." The teacher argues with him about why he thinks this, and his answer is always. "Why do I want to guys to be married? So I can see them kissing? Now, if it's two hot girls I'm all for it." Of course he is. But chances are, if they are girls, they're won't be hot enough for his standards. Besides, who said the guys had to be married to kiss in public in the first place. Last time I checked most high school teens that make out in the hallways have barely been dating long, yet alone are married. Anyway, back to discrimination. It's not just this boy I've seen it in. I've see plenty of my friends apply for jobs, and been told no because they're sixteen or seventeen. They claim that they hire at that age, but they didn't even give them an interview. I've seen kids at school picked on because he was "retarded" as they called him. He was sweeping the mess they made, and all they did was pick on him. They have a special class room, because the school won't put them mixed with us, because they are singled out. They're never included in anything, and are always the ones to be picked on. One of my friends, Shaquille, and I volunteered at our local government center for an election night. We had to work with some explorers as runners. None of them had done this before. I had. So they're supervisor told them I was in charge, and to listen to me. I started explaining, and as soon as he left they stopped listening. They wanted to everything their way. They refused to let Shaquille and I help, saying things like, "We don't want to stress you ladies out." "You girls should just leave, you're not going to do much, I'm don't even know why you came in the first place." They ended up screwing everything up. They wanted to keep things in order and completely failed. When it came time to load these green bags on to the truck they formed a line and went one at a time. It was going to take forever. So I suggested each person grabbing at least four, because I could carry four, and being the weak girl I am, they should have easily been able to do that. They argued that they wanted it in order. If each person grabs them in order, and they don't cut in front of one another, the bags will stay in order. They didn't want to do it that way. So they told us to go away. They kept their line, but started moving two - three bags at a time instead of one. Needless to say, I hate being told no because I'm female. We can actually do everything they did, had they given us a chance. And, with Shaquille, she's half black & half white. Her Mom is white, Dad is black. I've over heard some of her "friends" talking behind her back about it. Saying things about how she tries to be in both "groups." Because she does have both white and black friends, and apparently, they don't see that as a good thing.She has qualities of both. Therefore, she can easily become friends with either.

Make us laugh:

What do you think of the mods?Amazing as always. Except for Tvpanda. I LOVE your user name. :)

Must answer these[ugliest and prettiest]!

Ugliest person here?xbreathingyoux

Prettiest boy & girl here?shootxthekids & actualizedreams

Promote us 2+ times [Try and not let it be promoting communities] &once in your user info.

Now, the Finale

Post 4+ pictures of you &your [hopefully] beautiful face.


Post a 150X200 picture, or near there, for the Members page.

Last question, i swear.

Will you stay active?Well of course. What's the point of applying if you don't stay active?

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