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Hey all. I know that this group has kind of decided to got silent but I still wanted to bring some new students to it. To all of you still checking in on this community now and then four new boys are arriving at the schools.

Shirota Gentatsu aka Tatsu
He will be attending Seigaku

Shirota Gentatsa aka Tatsa
He will be attending St. Rudolph

Shirota Genichiro aka Ichi
He will be attending Fudomine

Shirota Genichrou aka Rou
He will be attending Rikkai

They all just happen to be brothers well Quadruplets actually. 

Just give me a shout if you want to use them at all.
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Final Message

Hey all. Sadly, we've kind of decided that DF seems to have been resigned to some kind of limbo for quite some time now. Instead of doing the community - and you all, really - the injustice of leaving it hanging like this, we have decided that it's probably best to close it down. DF had a good run, but if this is all we're going to get out of it, we won't push. We're sorry to have to close the comm - it was great playing with you all when things were active! Good luck with all your future endeavours! ^^;
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[Canon Character App] Momoshiro Takeshi (wheretf is seigaku and fudomine in a game like this....?)

Name: Mina
Age: 19
Personal LJ: dearangelogata
Primary AIM s/n: MinakoRei
Tell us a bit about your RP experience: inui and momo and horio at tenipuri_xp, Taka's in multiple places, many many inui's, many many momo's....
How did you hear about [info]_doublefault?: ad_exia

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By all means! Please! I insist! Reject me if it must be so! Accept me if you like me. (I would perfer the latter. please. please. please?)

I'll Try Not To Scream If You're Trying To Sleep

And a good December 1st to all you players.

It is your uncommonly rare Moderator here, the Daftalicious Fantastico, going through a little bit of winter cleaning. So I'll make this nice and short.

St. Rudolph Gakurin:

- **Takayama Kouji** - (brilliant_drive)
- **Terada Ayato** - (seiru_ricochet)
-Club Member**Kazetaka Seiji** - (quid_tu_moraris)

Hyoutei Gakuen:
- Hiyoshi Wakashi - buchou - (AWAITING USERNAME)
- Ohtori Choutarou - (AWAITING USERNAME)
- **Taoka Shozo** - (misuta_kuriipi)
- **Tsuzuki Ryou** - (dragon_tsuzuki)
- **Ashiwara Keisuke** - (thursdayschild_)
- **Fukasawa Ayumu** - (_ayumu)
- **Nogisawa Kaimei** - (hyoutei_shadow)
- **Inagawa Yasuo** - (inagawa_yasuo)

Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku Chuugaku:
- Kirihara Akaya - buchou (bloodspeed)
- **Marui Kenta** - fukubuchou (second_manifest)
- **Ayamine Jun** - (satirism)
- **Fukatsu Kaede** - (autumn_impact)
- **Amano Yuki** - (_shinsetsu_)
- **Miyano Masao** - (________)

Yamabuki Chuugakuen:
- **Aikawa Isao** - (stylishambition)

Look above. These are the usernames of the characters thus far taken. And, even with this amount, I notice that little to none of these same players have been, well, playing. Now, it might be the hormones talking, but I'm pretty pissed off about this.

The players with OMGSUDDENOFFENSES, and that should CONTACT ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE[Before I contact THEM] are as follows.

- Kirihara Akaya - buchou (bloodspeed)
- **Ayamine Jun** - (satirism)
- **Amano Yuki** - (_shinsetsu_)
- **Tsuzuki Ryou** - (dragon_tsuzuki)
- **Ashiwara Keisuke** - (thursdayschild_)
- **Fukasawa Ayumu** - (_ayumu)
- **Nogisawa Kaimei** - (hyoutei_shadow)
- **Inagawa Yasuo** - (inagawa_yasuo)
- **Aikawa Isao** - (stylishambition)

I'm very dissapointed by the Hyoutei players, myself included of course. Really, if you AREN'T GOING TO PLAY ANYMORE, make a NOTE somewhere so I don't have to go through this shit again. I was almost shocked to find out that naoekun had just deleted her journal, and that no one had bothered with even placing it up on the roster.

Also, ad_exia, I'd like to speak with you tonight.

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