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were SO hot.
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youre_so_____ is a rating community. you know the deal. read this shit.



    Completely fill out the application, do not skip questions.

    You must be 16 or older. I will find out if youre not. And dont try that "im mature for my age" bullshit.

    You must have pictures if youre going to apply. This is a rating community.

    Do not post your application in rich text. It will not work.

    Do not change any of the html in the application. I did it all for you so I dont have to see you fuck it all up.

    This is very important: I must see your face in at least 3 of the pictures you post in your application.

    Please check if you are allowed to promote somewhere before you promote this community.

    Make your subject "application" and on the lj-cut where it says "name, age, location." well, replace that with your name, age, and location.

    Heres something different: YOU ARE ALLOWED to be as bitchy as youd like back to the members if you dont like what they said. But be warned, people arent going to like it and instead of being banned, youll probably just end up getting rejected.

    Youre banned immediately if you delete your application. You may edit it, however, if you find the need to. But do not edit something because someone said they didnt like your answer.

    If you are rejected, leave and dont come back. No reapplying. If we dont like you now, we wont like you in a week.

    DO NOT EVER send rude emails, instant messages, or comments on the personal journal of any member. You will be banned.


    Again, Please check if you are allowed to promote somewhere before you promote this community in that place. VERY important.

    When you vote on an applicant, put yes or no in the subject line (or yay, nay, naw, sure, weak yes/no, whatever, just make your vote clear,) and somewhere in your comment say "you are so ______" (fill in the blank.)

    Please give an explaination for your vote. Do not simply say yes or no and then put a "." in as your comment. Thats so lazy.

    Dont argue with me or any other mods, when they are added.

    Be as mean/ judgemental/ shallow/ rude as you want. You dont have to beat around the bush, you CAN tell someone when they are ugly.

    Be active, and alert the community when you cant be active.. you dont have to give an explaination if you dont want to.

promoting to a user - 1pt
promoting to a community - 3pts
picture post - 3 to 5pts
participation in combat - 5pts
winning in combat - 50pts
participation in theme - 10pts
making a banner or other graphic - 20pts if i use it, 0 to 10 if i dont.
making a layout - 40pts if i use it, 0 to 20 if i dont (depending if it sucks or not.)

you exchange - you get
50pts - your vote counts twice
100pts - your vote counts as 1/3 of all votes.
150pts - auto accept OR auto reject stamp
250pts - an auto accept AND an auto reject stamp