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were SO hot.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
were SO hot.

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[Sunday 8:52pm June 26th]

For the mods:

i just started this community, i'd like to be sister communities with you. check it out, let me know? Also i'd be willing to put one of your banners on my info page.

xo - erin ♣
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application [Wednesday 12:40pm May 11th]

[ mood | drunk ]

name, age, location.Collapse )

read [ 3 ] YOU'RE SO ______

Mod Application [Wednesday 12:46pm May 11th]

Laura, 16.7, Baltimore. your motherfucking mod-piece.Collapse )
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MEMBERS [Tuesday 4:21pm May 10th]

blahblahblah this will be where the members are listed.
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