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LOOK! OMG! Its our leader lol! I'm not a leader, i'm a creator. anyhow how is everyone...we never activate...chiquita pointed that out. so lets talk about something...hm

topic is...dating.

let loose, tell all, and have fun!

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Name: Jenny
Location: Edinburgh, UK
Sex: Female
Hobbies: Can you check my lj interests?
Music: Blur
Food: Spinach (I know...but it's so good)
Movie: High Fidelity
Book: The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Season: Summer. Without a doubt. It gets cold here.
Picture: Something, anything by Waterhouse.

One thing - I'm incredibly honest.
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ahhhhhh! lol. ok. so i am the oh so uncharmingly negligent, procrastinating moderator of this community. but here i am...lol. you know...i'm very so glad i have a total of two members, you guys rock...you must be like me to have joined lol...cynical, but happy? i know there is that jason kid, but i know him...and he's become like livejournal extinct. well here we are...we can like....promote if you wish, just don't piss off anyother community moderators. they aren't big on plugging...anyhow...ta ta for now...and if you didn't catch it...this is my neeeeew and improved...but somehow very similar journal...i'm losing my paid account today btw...rest in peace pretty colors and wonderful layout.
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hokay, so here's earth...

welcome to the beginning of the end, or you know the start of this new community. remember say anything as long as it isn't offensive in a religious, racial, political, or just plain being unnecessarily rude. you'll get banned. other than that feel the love and sometimes criticism. please feel free to feel free.

i'm caresse...the founder and manager of this community, i give you my warmest welcomes.
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