I can't believe I'm saying this, but we're doing it again.

Thursday night, in McAllen.

Yoink! Is Back.

Thu Dec 27th
@ the Incubator (on the corner of 16th and Jackson in south McAllen)

The Young Maths
Vital Brasstones
Ali Wagner

Show starts at 7(?)...

We'll see if anybody still has this LJ community on their friends page.

YOINK is BACK - One Night Only

Yes, it's true. We figured: Lindsay is coming down for Thanksgiving, there's a show that weekend, why not? I do believe we're going on third, so show up relatively early. Any requests, post 'em here. If not, we're playing a set list full of old favorites. Or not. Here's more info on the whole thing.

Date: Nov 27, 2004
Time: 7:30 pm
Place: The V.F.W. (Bus. 83 & 2nd St. McAllen)
Cost: 6.00

(in order)
Bitter Tears
Braver Madison
Starcrossed Romance
Five Foot Five

....aaaaaand go!!!

(no subject)

my name's lindsay and i'm from san antonio
i saw yoink! 2 yrs ago with the starting line and yellowcard
and i was absolutely amazed
i wish they'd play up here
it'd be absolutely amazing

(no subject)

rene with our prized YOINK PICKS :) thx!

mosh pit punks

the mosh pit was lame.
yoink wasnt.

my fav. picture from the show

well the show was really good.
i had to leave before dba went on. :( stupid curfew
so i bought there newest cd, and i love it so much.
i wish i had stayed.
well awsome show.
enjoy the pics, more on the way, all photoedited and crap when i have time
with love,
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This Is the Way It's Gonna Go Down

+ + + + + + +

Friday, November 14th
Athena's II (on corner of 16th and Beech in McAllen)
7 p.m.

Four dollars lets you see:

Dirt Bike Annie...
Fahtt Chester...
and yoink.

The order isn't set yet, so try to make it early just in case we have to go on near the beginning. I do promise a rocking night for all. Bring an extra pair of socks. Not because the show will knock your socks off, but because Dirt Bike Annie is going to kick your ass and probably break your arms. You will need the socks to fashion a tourniquet or sling, based on the severity of the injury.

NOTE - If you like yoink. you had better make plans to attend, or I promise you WILL kick yourself later.


FUCK..I can't wait for this fucking show..fahtt chester...yoink...dirt bike annie....dude..I couldn't put that fucking cd down for fucking ever..and these dirt bike annie songs are fucking awesome...can't fucking wait...hope I dont work....and me....mrgoodbar1984 or email me I gotta talk with you..later guys..CAN'T FUCKING WAIT.....
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