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Ay, Be More Slappin' On Derrr Horizon

Aye, fellow vagabonds, I be wakin' yer group from its slumber, for there be more treasure on the horizon.

First, remember the times of old:

Aye, the epic, illicit (and thus truly of a pirates' heart) moving picture hath spawned epic offspring in the form of a sequel. Mateys, I hope it have more slappin' and less borin', because I speak for us all when I says, "that last accursed movie be not pirate-themed enough." I also doubt that this accursed adventure be filmed illegally again, as that would require a pirating spirit of Blackbeard, argh.

One of me old mates have told me about the existence of this high seas pornography; I didn't ask him how he came to discover such evil, but I assume through diabolic, pirate means.

The wikipedia be of little use, for this be uncharted territory:

Yet, the pirates of the great ship IMDB be very pleased, at least the Spains be:

Yarrr, mateys, I have fulfilled my duty to the code. How you use mine words be up to yer.
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How'd they know?

Yellow Beard

You scored 16 Cruelty, 37 Greed, 20 Evil, and 29 Insanity!

Its all about being a pirate. You rape the Gold, kill the Women, and steal the men. Or is it rape the men, kill the gold, and steal the woman or something like that. Your proudest day in life will be the day your own son murders you. Now if you could just remember where you hid everything.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 36% on Cruelty
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You scored higher than 64% on Greed
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You scored higher than 15% on Evil
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You scored higher than 71% on Insanity

Link: The Find Your Pirate Personality Test written by mehit_kerh on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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Pirate Festival!!! YARRRR!!!!

Aye fellow pirates,

We be needing to go to the Pirate Festival, else we be landlubbin' wenches, yarg. It be from August 19th ta September 4th, in the lawless city of Toronto. We need to be gathering supplies and ships now, else we be caught unawares.

There be no way I can be sailing the beloved midwestern seas on the first weekend, mateys, as me hearties be getting married in true pirate fashion. That leaves three weekends, and we need be checking our schedules to avoid problems.

Yarrrr, here be some good information:

Aye, it be a fine summer fer a pirate festival. It brings a tear ta me eye.
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Part of the plot for episode 14:

A certain Conscript, while hiding on the ship unbeknownst to the crew, encounters an armadillo sent by an assassin from Snell-Hitchcock (a castle in which we illegally held a bachelor party for a captain of an allied pirate ship that we met [during episode 11], in which the phrases "Yarr!!!" and "Smack it!" were heard as we looted the castle's alcohol and watched wenches get it on), and pisses it off by arguing that its design "makes no sense" and "could have been engineered to be so much better." The armadillo and CB fight, the armadillo obviously winning, taking most of CB's teeth and giving him a nasty bout of leprosy. The armadillo is a reoccurring character in the next three episodes, as we have near-misses with it and leprosy. Eventually, it finds fame with a song and dance routine and we become its agent, increasing both our funds and our wenches (though most go to the armadillo, because come on, he deserves it) [this is in episode 18.]