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punching windows made of stone's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
punching windows made of stone




Member Of The Month has been cancelled due to inactivity.
Please help us get back on our feet, and we will bring this feature back

The following applications need votes.

We have NINE auto-accepts left.

The purpose is to kick a member out of the community
Post 5-10 pictures
and 10 reasons why you are better

Member must re-apply, and may be rejected.
Or promote to 10 places [no promo communities, spam it up].
You can challenge a mod as well. [PLEASE DO!]


Theme of the week/month!
Your ambitions/dreams!
What are some daring/interesting things you want to accomplish in Life. Name/explain/share pictures of things you wanna do, places you wanna see, Just things you wish to experience.

Off-line Hunt
[o1]You with your favorite animal
[o2]your favorite pair of shoes
[o3]A picture of you dancing
[o4]A picture of your front/back yard
[o5]Picture of your siblings

On-line Hunt
[o1]A haunted house.
[o2]your favorite jello.
[o3]A princess.
[o4]Candy you hate the most.

Best hair. Come on you guys, a little competition? At all? We will vote when there are enough people who have entered.

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Holiday cheer, and contest!? [December 24, 2005]
Happy Holidays!Collapse )
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stamped // photoshopped pictures [December 23, 2005]

[ mood | bored ]

BOYSCollapse )

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[December 20, 2005]

I'm sorry everyone, I've been really busy with school and the like lately, and I've joined too many communities that I can handle, so I'm only going to stay in a couple, because I feel guilty when I'm not active enough.

Add me if you'd like or join my communities:

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there after me lucky charms [December 19, 2005]

hot hot hotCollapse )
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stamped//promo [December 05, 2005]

promo for a photography communityCollapse )
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stamped//promotion [December 04, 2005]

promotionCollapse )
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[December 04, 2005]

Here's the promo banner again guys. whore it.

bannerCollapse )
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stamped/contest. [December 04, 2005]

ill enter?
i cut my own hair and dye my own hair. so..
siq.Collapse )
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Contest. [December 03, 2005]
New Hair!Collapse )

what do you guys think?

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[December 03, 2005]

[ mood | tired ]

inner beautyCollapse )

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theme [November 29, 2005]
hopes and dreamsCollapse )
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mod//contest [November 29, 2005]
hairballCollapse )
Camera whore?
Pretty much.
The last picture is the most recent

Haha, Im getting a hair cut on thursday
&&Ill most definately will update with pictures

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leaving. [November 26, 2005]

im in a different rating community, and that is enough for me.
sorry guys.
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leaving. [November 26, 2005]

dead. let me know if it comes back to live maybe.
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[November 23, 2005]
So I decided I hated being a mod xa million but now I think that I am going to try and help out again.
I think I'll go promotteee.
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Stamped//ACTIVENESS! =D [November 23, 2005]


// well she's not bleeding on the ballroom floor...
just for the a t t e n t i o n [ . . . ]
__ cause that's just ridiculously on. __
. . . . . well, she sure is going to get it . . . . .
>>>here's the setting<<<
_ - _ fashion magazines line the walls now _ - _
;; :: the walls line the bullet holes :: ;;
[[ have some composure ]]
and where is your posture?
==oh, no, no==
you're pulling the trigger
pulling the trigger
all wrong...

new haircut..pictures[5]Collapse )
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Application [November 22, 2005]

[ mood | excited ]

inner beautyCollapse )

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Stamped//In-Activity [November 22, 2005]

I am so sorry for my inactivness. And I'm also sorry to say it's going to have to continue for a little while. My computer is down. I'm currently stuck on the dial-up piece of crap in my room from 1995.

I promise as soon as the good one comes back I will start getting active again!♥
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Mod?//apology. [November 21, 2005]
There is a question mark there because I dont even know why Im mod.
I am probably the most horrible mod in all the land.

So, here is my apology, and I hope you guys take it.
Cause Im going to try to be as active and as involved as I was in the greater times or xinsane__

First off,

I would like to please ask that people refrain from using this as a promo community. I have no problem with promos once in a while, and I almost always join them, but if the only reason this community is active is because of the promos, we have a problem here.

Ive done a whole whack of promos, and Id like to see the same from all of you guys. We havent had an applicant in a good month now.. and whats a rating community without rating?

I need just ONE more mod until I get on my feet again. I just need someone to update the points every so often, if I could get a volunteer from one of the members, that would be awesome, but if no one wants to I can do it every so often.

And lastly, my apology.
I have been extremely inactive [OBVIOUSLY], and just not as good of a mod as I should be. So, I apologize. I know that I put this community here to entertain you all, and it still surprises me that most of you are still here. Thank you for sticking with me, even though I havent been here.
Im failing science by about 4 percent, because Im swamped with EVERYTHING. My social life is booming, and then I get grounded off of the computer for messing up. ANd now Im really trying to pull my mark up in science, so thats why I havent been on pretty much at all recently.

I encourage you all to participate in the themes, contests, hunts, and promoting, and then we can get this show back on the road.

PS: Thanks a million x infinity to Gaby for helping out

♥ a ton.

Thanks so much to everyone.
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stamped//theme [November 21, 2005]

[ mood | artistic ]

If Mama was MarriedCollapse )

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