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What are we?

This is a role playing community set in an AU sub-city of Ocean City, Maryland known as Caddlecott. The general idea is that it's basically a city where all sorts of people live and interact together. They can go to college, have a job, be in a band, be a bum on the streets, whatever you'd prefer. Almost all characters are allowed. This includes, but isn't limited to: musicians, actors, actress', friends/family of celebrities, original characters, djs, sports players, t.v. hosts, comedians, etc. The only non-accepted characters would be vampires and things of that nature, simply because this community is not a vampire community or anything of that sort. If you'd like to be a character but are unsure if they're an acceptance, contact me and talk to me about it. Your character can be any age from 18+. Anything else you need to know is provided below in the rules. Please make sure you read them before applying.


o1. You must post an application using your character's livejournal and all fields that don't say 'optional' beside them are to be fully answered. After you've been accepted, make sure to post an introduction in your character journal.
the application:

o2. After you join Caddlecott, be sure to join:

o3.Your character's screen name and livejournal name have to have something to do with their actual name, as this makes it easier to figure out who they are from the get go. (if you have to use one SN for multiple characters, let me know about it before hand so i can make note of it)

o4. Storybook role playing ONLY. And no one liners.

o5. Male and het pregnancy are allowed, but are to be be kept at an extreme minimum and must be cleared with the MOD first.

o6. NO death of a character is permitted. If you want to pull them, have them move away or something along those lines.

o7. OOC drama should stay OOC and IC drama should stay IC.

o8. Making a myspace for your character is allowed, but not required.

o9. You must put a disclaimer somewhere in your characters Livejournal userinfo and MySpace headline(if they have one) and it must clearly state that the journal/myspace is fake. Your character's journal entries must be friends only. If you have read the rules this far, then you'll know to put 'Highfiveulation' in the subject line. If you make your character a myspace, only accept friend requests from fellow Caddlecott members, obviously.

1o. No more than two characters per person. (this may change for vets of the community [6 months or more] once i see more characters are active)

11. If you are planning on going away for a vacation, or you're having internet problems, please make a post in the OOC community, or send me an IM so i can make note of it and keep you out of community checks.

12. Be active. I know how easy it is to join a click of people in a community and you stick there because it's something familiar and comfortable, but make an effort to branch out, especially to new arrivals. Again, so I can make sure you're still reading the rules, please also put 'Questulation' in the subject line.

13. Your character MUST update their journal at least once every two weeks. I will be doing checks to make sure that you're being active.

14. If you pull your character from the community, please comment the appropriate post or let me know somehow. This is to help me keep track of the taken characters and such.

15. Please be mature. Not everyone has a bad home life and cuts themselves. No making your character end up in the hospital every other week and no stupid drama. You can have natural drama in RP, trust me, there is no need to create ridiculous fake drama. Oh, and when you're asked if you read the rules, the answer is 'No, but I cut my tat.'

16. Be able to spell correctly and have good grammar. For example, your = possessive (as in "Your hair is beautiful."). You're = you are (as in "You're beautiful.")

MOD Contact Info

aim: sykessyko
e-mail: victoriaftw@tmail.com
please don't be afraid to contact me about anything you need to. I'm signed on AIM 24/7, and even if i'm away, send me a message and i'll respond as soon as i can. My e-mail goes straight to my phone, and all i ask is that you let me know who you are.


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Credit to: Ned for making the promotional banner. Thank you!


None at the moment. Send a PM to caddlecott_mod to become an affiliate!


Disclaimer: None of the celebrities or people portrayed in this Role Playing community are the real deal. Everything involved with this community is fake and made strictly for the purpose of a Role Playing game.


Credit to: Shelby, for discovering the name of this community by mistaking the 'Caldecott Award' on an award winning book for 'Caddlecott'. :]