cal asked me this once

now really think about this
and give me an honest answer

Would you rather love one person you absolutly adore for one year, like your soulmate or whatever, or someone you like well enough, but they arent perfect, for your whole life?
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Baaaaa ba black sheep...

Nursery rhymes are bullshit, that's all i'm saying, That and the cave chickens have informed me that the wizarding school has been feeding them to us since we were children to sedate us and make us think that everything is all right, when really, nothings all right there's a war going on above and below us everyday and no one is doing anything about it. That and we should start a hunger strike for the genocide going on in Sudan right now.

Katja 2:15
And the Lord sayeth i will strike down with great vengance anyone who dare to defy the way of my master plan for all creatures. And if thou dost not heed my warning, no mountain high, no valley low will keep you safe from my vengance. For if i had wings i should rightly pick thou up and take you into thy dread night and proceed to rape thou in front of many a cleargy men, and then thou shallt say of me, there is no God like a vengfull God. And upon that remark i shall cast you off into the fiery pits of hell where you shall suffer the anguish that is T.V. dinners.
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Shut up

Sorry if i've dissapeared again this weekemd guys, but i have too much to do at the moment with my mom up my ass about exams. No biggy. But i in a bitchy mood so if i sound harsh in my comments i'm sure i'm kind of sorry. Oh, and another thing, why are you guys so surprised when your parents act like ass holes to you? it's nothing new, all parents are bastards, many of them should be shot, you can't let it get to you or you'll be the one left in the gutter instead of them (the onse that deserve it). Instead how about you just ignore them, and leech as much money off hem as you can and then dissapear. Fuck stop talking.
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how to discover your religion:

1. F
2. Find a room and assign each corner to a major world religion.
3. get wasted, and the corner you wake up in is your calling.

8. eight eight, i forgot what eight was for

and i hope you know that this will go down in your permanate record.

and for a extra challenge, try a circular room, something a little harder, and if you wake up in a corner... there is a god

*philosophical question of the night, if you get smashed in a room with no corners... will you wake up in a room with no corners?

with westren eyes and serpents breath

attention: all men in lobster suits

who ever is the owner of the white sedan, you left your lights on

god fingerpaints

... god is gay, abort christ.... wow, its religion orentated today

chopin makes people from wisconsin eat other people from wisconsin

oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap on a crap cracker! I'LL GET YOU STINKEy PEAT!!!!!!

nessi=peat=pete=god OH CHopin... *eats ellie*


and now, an interview... ellie, do you see the white light?

im blind! i'm BLIND!!!

oh, well, to further prove there is no god... ON TO GETTING SMASHED IN A ROOM WITH NO CORNERS!!!

*note: loch ness is great for hiding dead bodys. Amen.
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playground love

"i'm a highschool lover,
and your my favorite flavour,
love is all, all my soul
your my playground love"

hello folks... its your favorite radio brodcaster back with a few words for mellow songs that break people like new shoes... and some subliminal messaging from our sponsers.

"has big brother been wearing you down?
unable to proform those gruleing morning excercises?
Are your nights spent in a bare walled apartment getting
colder, and colder?
if the answer to all these questions is yes, then you may need color in your life, you may need... a chill pill..."

today there is no box to think outside of, just a .... Melllllllllow......... feeeling....

in todays news, secrets don't matter to me anymore i don't see the point in not being honest, honest about this mood i don't belong in, honest about how i failed and how we failed and honest about the things we've done so right that no one else thinks we've done right. we don't need others to understand, we know, big brother knows.

i'm rambeling and i don't know what about. this song makes me want to be that naughty thing we all are inside, and it makes me not want to care. hey, i'm a hippy now... right this second, so i'll tell you, you guys make me not want to care... and its a happy kind of apathy, because i don't want to care about all those bad things that happen.

hippy time done. we all need to watch this movie, its called pirates of sillicon valley, i told you about it.

we need to have another saturday like that one saturday so we can all just chill, that would be nice.

over an out
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Revalations 12:20
And God sent forth his wrath unto the people of Wisconsin and smote their bowls upon the country side. The Lord cameth upon six unfourtunate girls, imprisioned by some fault of their own. And the Lord sayeth to they to them: What has cauesed you to stry from my flock? And the girls replied: We live in the pit that is Wisconsin and the Devil came to us in many forms and tempted us with his magical herbs and we were in dire need of an escape. And the Lord sayeth unto them: If i had wings, i'd pick you up, and take you into the night....

Ok that needed to stop. Though i do think i'd be a marvelous cult bible writer.
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