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She says I will walk home
Run the chance of getting raped
Along with running blindly
It’s the first of 10 mistakes

A trip
A stumble
Now the dignity has crumbled
Friends that are no longer
Still puzzled I belonged here
A tension
A slice
From a misused kitchen knife
There gone now
They went
And they won’t be back again

So I sit here
I’m standing
Now on my knees demanding
I’m tied down
Hands restless
The sweaty palms caress us
Words take me
They tear me
Now that Is all I’m sharing
No silence
No trusting
The screaming has become
all that’s me

And 3 words will slip
They’ll pick me up
And they will rot and rust
Make me feel corrupt
The jester hasn’t laughed
In a long, long time
No pale face is righteous
Of a humorous life

Go find yourself
Go sell it real cheap
You have no life
When it can be found on the street
Similar to a drug
Or some sort
Passer by love
Is a emotion you can snort

And the rest she did not explain……

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You are my dream,
My most intimitate fantasy,
All I could hope for,
And everything more,
My phantasm of hope,
My picture of beauty,
All I could hope for,
And so much more,
You the embodyment of a goddess,
All I could hope for,
And nothing more,
Near sort to perfection...

- Hopes to Nothing - XCanceLX

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Until this point, I have not posted any of my writing anywhere. I usually just keep it to myself because it has a tendency to be kind of dark. I'm not out to worry anyone or anything, its just my style. I was interested to find this community, and am hoping to get some feedback on my work. So please tell me what you think!

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fringe - peter sepia


Hey, I wrote this a while ago.  Thought I'd post it here to see what people thought.  It was a response to the question "What's the smallest place you've ever been lost?" on the freeimagine community.  So, check it out.

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drastic. the one word that can describe you and i- from the best of days to the worst of nights, we have been spontanious and insane. its nothing like ive ever expierenced, to not think things through. to trust myself, to trust someone else. we were paired together like coke and rum; it seems like the correct combination, but if you don't mix it just right, it will have a bad aftertaste. we've had many, many glasses filled to the brim, and we've swallowed them all in one gulp. they have all been mixed to perfection- our friendship is perfection. as the end approaches, i find myself in awe of the past years with you by my side. i find warm tears rolling down my cheeks at the strangest times, and i find blue eyes meeting your deep brown ones more than they usually would. i feel thirsty... but there is only enough coke and rum left for 3 glasses. i feel desperate... but there you are by my side, comforting me and encouraging me to move my ass a little bit faster. but you dont see- im afraid to move faster than the speed we are at. i need to savor every last drop of this, of you. i feel the weight of the coming years on my shoulders, and i do not feel you by my side, using all of your might to pull it off. i realize this is because you will not be with me for the future days and nights, but i am willing to drink these last three glasses extremely slowly and i am willing to remember how they tasted. raise your glass, and shall we make a toast to new beginnings, and a promise to not forget the old times.

on a friend thats leaving in about 3 months. comments?

I was Dorkus721. Not anymore.

The blood stains the carpet

On my bedroom floor

And I can hear the echos of your voice

That are driving me insane.

I can still taste your kiss

Those deadly lips

Locked on to mine

And all I do is scream

Silently so no one knows

That the pain you caused

Is still lingering.

I'm still wiping away those tears

That have caused

My heart to bleed

As I stand here with it in my hands

Right were you placed it.



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