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Wizarding World

a Harry Potter rating community

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The Wizarding World: A Rating Community
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A Harry Potter Rating Community
Wizarding World: A Harry Potter Rating Community

The Application

The RulesOur Wizarding World

New Members

1. You must join to post. You do not have to be stamped in order to vote on others, but you must join the community.

2. No anonymous commenting or posting.

3. In the subject line of your entry post, please put "Prior Incantato." This is so I know you've read the rules.

4. No excessive PhotoShopping. Removing red-eye is one thing, morphing your features entirely is quite another. Your pictures also must be large enough so that we can see you, and clear enough that we know you're a person and not an enormous amoeba.

5. If you would like to dress up, you may. At least one "normal" picture would be appreciated, but you may most as many of you in pretties as you like in addition.

6. Don't overly bias your application towards any one character. That just generally defeats the purpose of having anyone else vote on you. If I feel you're pulling too hard for one character or another in your application, I will reject it.

7. If anyone pointed you in our direction, please credit them in your entry post so that I may thank our promoters.

8. You will be stamped after receiving 10 votes or after a week has passed, whichever happens first.

9. Have fun!

Stamped Members

1. To vote on new applicants, pick a witch or wizard from the list below. Bolding your vote makes things easier on your mod. Please, also, pick someone from the list.

2. If you can, please give an explanation! They don't have to be elaborate, but enough to give the person a clue. You also don't have to adhere on looks alone -- think about the vibe, the attitude, the spirit, not just the hair colour. ;)

3. No nastiness or flaming! I will put the ban hammer on you IMMEDIATELY if I hear any complaints about you.

4. Please put the word "Stamped" somewhere in the title line of all your entries following your introductory post. This helps keep me organized.

5. If you're responding to a theme, please put "Theme" somewhere in the title line, for the same reason.

6. Promotions -- You must be stamped to promote. Also, if you do so, please promote this community somewhere else as well! It's only fair. =)

7. If you want to be restamped, you may reapply one month after your initial application date.

Regular Application

Stamped Members List: Here
Stamps: Here

Our Themes

Current Theme: Matchmaking
Survey: Here
Stamps: Here


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Nota Bene: The artwork was in Cassandra's files, and I know little about where she got it from! Some art by: Makani, Maggie Bradshaw, and Mary-Chan.

Created by roguebelle. Moderated by rhapsodyinpink, killerqueen, onehoureternity, and kaysoul. Any problems, concerns, questions, or affiliation requests should be directed to either of us! =)

Disclaimer: All of the above personages and all elements of the Harry Potter universe are the property of J.K. Rowling. I do not own them. Please do not sue me; I'm a college student with no money to give you anyway.

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