The perfect ending.

New layout.

Spent the last 3 hours or so creating a new layout for the website.
Check it out, eh?

\/\/1L|) 52\/2|\|[dot](0|\/|

Hope you like it. >.<'
Lemme know if you see anything that needs to be fixed...or if you have any suggestions on how to improve it.
There isn't much content to it right now because...euhh..well, there just isn't. :P
It's coming, though. I promise.
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The perfect ending.

guys guys guys guys guys

This place is pretty much dead so I just have to say



So, did anyone else here go to either of the Diru concerts here in the USA (NYC or LA)?

We hoped to be starting practicing again after the concert...'cause it pretty much pumped all of us up BUT it doesn't seem like that's gonna happen..because of finals coming up (we're all seniors). But maybe this summer, when no one has to worry about school or anything.
Guys, we need some music. >O

Also, how is everyone out there doing?

[edit 2]
I have so many questions!
Where did our layout go? :o
And also....

well, this isn't a question......
If possible, we might have a photoshoot coming up (not a professional one, of course) so we need to decide on some type of matching (not really matching...but you know) outfits to wear or somethin'.
Some of the pictures might go in the senior slideshow (since Megumi and I are helping put it together) and we do want to look the coolest. ;D
Any ideas (yeah, fans [haha can I call you guys fans?] can post ideas too!)?

Your wonderful guitarist,
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I was just wondering how you guys are doing and what you're up to. hope you're having fun if nothing else ^_^
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The perfect ending.

Sorry for the spammage...

I thought about just editing the last post I made but decided not to.
This post isn't really informative or anything but I remembered the big thing I needed to ask you guys. xD Megumi and Creevy, I need a decent picture of each of you to put up on the website.
Speaking of the website, I updated it somewhat. Put the lyrics to Bleed on there and also fixed the format of it. The main page now opens up in a popup window. The iFrame is pretty small and I apologize for that but that's the layout is. ^^;
I also need a short bio. on both of you guys, including Toaster (if anyone talks to her before I do), complete with your influences/favorite bands and stuff like that. Real names won't be put up because it's fun when hardly anyone really knows who you are. :P Basically, just give me a bunch of random information (age, instrument, favorite things, short bio.) and I'll sort it out how it's supposed to be. ^__^
We also need to organize a time to get together to do like..a small photoshoot or something. Christian is my choice for the photographer..but if you guys have any suggestions, suggest away. :D

Sorry, guys...I know this is like..a fan community and all and I'm just using it as a sort of bulletin board. Gomen. :(

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The perfect ending.

*clears throat*

There was something I've been meaning to discuss with you guys but I kept procrastinating and forgetting to post about it and now I've completely forgotten what it was. >.> Uhm..

First of all, I'd like everyone to know that we now have a totally awesome bassist, Toaster.

Ta-da. More information when I...uhh..get it from her. ^^;

I'm also trying to update the site soon. I'm thinking of making it come up in a popup window instead of a full browser, that way the iFrame will always be in the right place. *ahem* But that's a bit off topic.

I know you guys have probably seen this on my LJ but I thought I'd put it here to. It does have to do with the band, after all.
Collapse )

I'm disappointed in myself because I can't remember the big thing I was going to say. >.<; I'll just post again (or edit this post) if I think of it. Thanks, you guys!
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New Layout!

I finally got around to doing the new layout! Don't think it looks too bad, myself. :D What do you guys think?

Also, spread the Wild Seven joy around to your userinfo, everybody!

Support Wild Seven!


That's all for this post. Ja ne.

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Instrument Chaos

Update time! Kazumi suggested that I select another instrument to play (in addition to cowbell, mind you! I'm NOT giving it up), you know something "real", lol. So I claimed the electronic keyboard that has been lying in the corner of the living room untouched for three years. And since I am the first to play it since we got it, it's all mine...a'cause I said. Also, Kazumi has changed from guitar to bass. And as for Megumi...well we have secretly labeled her the "graphics whore", or "graphics wench", whichever you prefer. This is probably the first time she has heard anything about this, so SURPRISE! I have no clue what instrument she will play- who knows, she might even end up doing the vocals? I'd personally love to see her shake some maraccas...or beat on a tambourine. But then again that would be something I would do! I swear I can be so retarded. I'd probably be playing all of those AND the cowbell AT THE SAME time...if I could.

But that's all I've got for now. More info to come later. When it comes to us, lol.

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The perfect ending.


Okay, just one thing.

When we do get this whole band thing goin'...I must insist that we LEARN TO PLAY THIS SONG.

Pump It Up - Turkey March

It's a rock "remix" of Mozart's Rondo alla Turca or Turkish March. It totally rocks my FACE off. SO WE GOTTA DO IT. WE GOTTA. lopl.

the end. ^_^
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An introduction

Welcome to the original livejournal community of the band Wild Seven. The band is still very much new, so I will introduce the members. Paige Franz (Kazumi) and Meghan Anderson (Megumi) founded this band and named it after the terrorist group in Battle Royale II because they both liked the name and thought it fit well. Both became fans of the Battle Royale franchise early in their Junior year of high school. Shortly after the creation of Wild Seven, it grew with the addition of Colin Miller (Creevy), who plays the cowbell. Creevy is a classmate and best friend of the founding members who feels that the cowbell will give the band that little touch of uniqueness that will make it stand out from other high school bands.

We are still working on the layout for this community; this is just something Creevy threw together temporarily because the default drove him to the point of insanity. The website is still under construction as well, but feel free to visit it. <--Contact information is also listed there. Please leave any questions or comments you may have and one of the members will get back with you as soon as possible.

Thanks for taking your time to get to know us.
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