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whoa!icons// icons by fearkills, _trendi & neon_lights_x

when I say shotgun, you say wedding.

jessica, freddan, & kate
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What is Whoa!Icons? Its an icon journal duh! Its an icon journal for Jess fearkills, Freddan _trendi, and Kate neon_lights_x. 3 very young icon artists looking to find their icon style by experimenting with light, color, and texture. Also looking to make a name for themeselves in the icon world such as awmp and inxsomniax did. We made this community (icon journal) to share our icons with all the lovely people of livejournal, and instead of posting these in our own journals made this for easy access to JUST the icons.

Be sure to read them and follow them.

- CREDIT: Credit is my number one rule. Some icons I dont do a good job on but I still work hard to make them. So no claiming as yours. No using it on your website without my permission. No editing/altering if they dont have text. Credit in keywords. If you dont credit its considered stealing.

- Comment: Commenting is pretty much a given. Tell me what you think of the icons. Tell me which icons you plan to use. Tell me anything really.

- Icons with no text: Hmm well icons with no text, they usually have no text because I cant think of anything to write, or it looks better without text. If you really would like text on a textless icon like putting your lj username, comment and let me know, I'll probably say okay as long as you CREDIT me for the icon itself.

- Blanks/Bases: No icons are blanks or bases unless stated in the post "Blanks/Bases for use", other than that no altering any of my icons, unless your following the rule above.

- Rude comments: Ok if you have suggestions of something different I should do or try next time thats cool, suggestions are always welcome! But if you hate my icons or think "they suck" well then, i'm not forcing you to be here.

-Requesting: If you want to request and icon or a tutorial for one of my icons you can do so here

Have a place where you post your icons and want to affiliate?
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See Jess's resource list H e r e

See Freddan's resource list H e r e

All icons & graphics made by us unless stated otherwise.

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