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Name: Jessica; Jess
Age: 14
Loves: Tv; BtVS; Tyler Hilton; Bethany Joy Lenz; Music; Movies; Iconing; Webdesign; Blends; Wallpapers; Moodthemes;
Is: Accident prone; Klutz; Artistic; Crazy; Nice; Smart; Helpful; Busy; Stressed; Anxious; Paranoid; Panicy; Funny; Laughs Alot; Example Icons:

Name: Freddan
Age: 16
Loves: Tv; BtVS; Harry Potter; Drawing; Singing; Reading; Poetry; Webdesign; Sports; Shopping; Sarah Michelle Gellar;
Is: Artistic; Talented; Nice; Awsome; Cool; Creative; Inspirational;
Example Icons:

Name: Kate
Age: 15
Loves: TV; LOST; House M.D.; CSI; Paintshop Pro; icons; reading; my iPOD; The Spill Canvas; lyrics; fanfiction; shopping;
Is: Artistic; Nice; Cool; Unique; Creative; Inspirational;
Example Icons:

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Code by halffling
Images from spy caps
Texture from here and here

S4 Icons for abc_icons

26 Buffy the Vampire Slayer S4 icons for abc_icons

Teasers :

a - alone
b - bunnies
c - cheese
d - dance
e - evil
f - feeding
g - gun
h - hero
i - insane
j - jealousy
k - kiss
l - love
m - married
n - new
o - oz
p - picnic
q - quiet
r - rawr
s - stupid
t - tease
u - uh oh
v - virus
w - weird
x - xander
y - yummy
z - zonk

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26 S4 BtVS Icons

a. b. c. d.
e. f. g. h.
i. j. k. l.
m. n. o. p.
q. r. s. t.
u. v. w. x.
y. z.

f. j. o. s.
t. t.
feeling: working working


LOL! Good icons! Took b,r,t. :) I love Anya. :)

these are all fabulous. Especially love H and O.


Pretty icons.. Love "L" and "R".

These icons are very beautiful. Hard to make a choice of what I'd like to grab :)

those are great! i took yummy sushi... of course.

ooh nice! nabbed the insane one :P

I'm taking l. Thank you!

a, b, t, y. :)

lmao at Z. teehee

VERY awesome! Snagged a,f,j,m,r and u :]

Taking Spike and Spuffy ones :)

Love a,w,alternate j. Some of these are hilarious!

Taking l, t, and w. =D Gorgeous icons!

omg the Bunny icon really made me laugh.

Snagged y, and t and o in the alternates. Thanks! Will credit when used.