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Name: Jessica; Jess
Age: 14
Loves: Tv; BtVS; Tyler Hilton; Bethany Joy Lenz; Music; Movies; Iconing; Webdesign; Blends; Wallpapers; Moodthemes;
Is: Accident prone; Klutz; Artistic; Crazy; Nice; Smart; Helpful; Busy; Stressed; Anxious; Paranoid; Panicy; Funny; Laughs Alot; Example Icons:

Name: Freddan
Age: 16
Loves: Tv; BtVS; Harry Potter; Drawing; Singing; Reading; Poetry; Webdesign; Sports; Shopping; Sarah Michelle Gellar;
Is: Artistic; Talented; Nice; Awsome; Cool; Creative; Inspirational;
Example Icons:

Name: Kate
Age: 15
Loves: TV; LOST; House M.D.; CSI; Paintshop Pro; icons; reading; my iPOD; The Spill Canvas; lyrics; fanfiction; shopping;
Is: Artistic; Nice; Cool; Unique; Creative; Inspirational;
Example Icons:

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Public Poll

EDIT:// Ok i made my latest icon post public, it will stay that way for two weeks. Then will be members only. More people said either way is fine, but then the second greatest vote count was for public for two weeks. So thats what i'm going to do.

I had a complaint earlier today about me posting my icons in icon communities and linking here but the community being friends only. So this is a poll for everyone to do, members and non members.

Poll #668667 Members Only or Not?

Members Only or Not?

Members Only is fine with me.
Always Public all the time
New entries public for two weeks then made members only
I dont care, either way is fine.
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Well I just friended your icon journal yesterday, it wasn't that much of a chore. Plus, with all these hotlinkers from Xanga and people stealing icons and stuff? I can't blame you wanting to put your icons in a friends only community. I'm quite tempted to start doing that myself.

Not that you asked for my input or anything beyond the clicky box but-- Yeah, lol. :)