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Name: Jessica; Jess
Age: 14
Loves: Tv; BtVS; Tyler Hilton; Bethany Joy Lenz; Music; Movies; Iconing; Webdesign; Blends; Wallpapers; Moodthemes;
Is: Accident prone; Klutz; Artistic; Crazy; Nice; Smart; Helpful; Busy; Stressed; Anxious; Paranoid; Panicy; Funny; Laughs Alot; Example Icons:

Name: Freddan
Age: 16
Loves: Tv; BtVS; Harry Potter; Drawing; Singing; Reading; Poetry; Webdesign; Sports; Shopping; Sarah Michelle Gellar;
Is: Artistic; Talented; Nice; Awsome; Cool; Creative; Inspirational;
Example Icons:

Name: Kate
Age: 15
Loves: TV; LOST; House M.D.; CSI; Paintshop Pro; icons; reading; my iPOD; The Spill Canvas; lyrics; fanfiction; shopping;
Is: Artistic; Nice; Cool; Unique; Creative; Inspirational;
Example Icons:

Everything here is copyrighted to fearkills, _trendi and neon_lights_x unless otherwise stated.

Code by halffling
Images from spy caps
Texture from here and here


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Everything looks fantastic. ;) Affiliate with _trendi?

uhm *thinks* DUH! *adds*
and thanks :]

Hey, would you like to affiliate with entrata?

sure i'll add you now :]

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sure, added.

Hey! I just opened an icon journal and looking for some affiliates. Mind if I add you guys? __valiant

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Would you like to be affiliated with my icon journal, desiderio?

sure i'll add it now :]

affiliate with popcorn_bites?

will add now <3 :]

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do you want to affiliate with icons_by_ashley?


would you mind affiliating with italian_jewels?

Thanks in advance! :)

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I'd love to affiliate with you - your icons rock!

My icon community is dig_my_icons, and it's mostly BtVS and various models.

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Hey, mirrormasks? =)



I would love to be an affiliate! molly_icons that would be wonderful.


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