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40 Season3 Icons + Older Icons + Newer Icons

Ok I have some older icons I never posted for ya'll and some newer ones.
I also have 40 BtVS icons from Season 3 they go from Anne to Lovers Walk.. i'll do another set of 40 soon for the second half of Season 3 :]

SHES BACK BABY! lol im back with the making of the icons yay me.

BTW: Alot of these icons have variations and blanks k? k. :]

[285]Icon All Together Including Variations & Blanks

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[22] Whoa!Icons Layout Icons [gilmore girls lunch]
[14] High School Musical
[20] Jake Gyllenhaal
[01] Angel
[31] Buffy the Vampire Slayer + Variations
[08] Candies Ads
[14] Charmed + Variations
[06] Cinderella Story Variations
[05] Hilary Duff Variations
[04] House Variations
[06] Michelle Trachtenberg
[20] Summerland Animations
[08] Veronica Mars

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New icon makers!

Ok since voting was so close we've decided to take both criminal_lady and neon_lights_x!!!! so criminal_lady you have posting access and you've been made a maintainer, and neon_lights_x check your invites and join so that you can be made a maintainer too.
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Public Poll

EDIT:// Ok i made my latest icon post public, it will stay that way for two weeks. Then will be members only. More people said either way is fine, but then the second greatest vote count was for public for two weeks. So thats what i'm going to do.

I had a complaint earlier today about me posting my icons in icon communities and linking here but the community being friends only. So this is a poll for everyone to do, members and non members.

Poll #668667 Members Only or Not?

Members Only or Not?

Members Only is fine with me.
Always Public all the time
New entries public for two weeks then made members only
I dont care, either way is fine.
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I thought I'd maybe do a post with my resources here, they have previously been on my userinfo page, but it's getting a bit crouded. ;] Plus I think this will be better, they can be more organized.

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