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I suppose that I joined this community because I too have never been gutsy enough to go into someone else's live journal and contact them.

Hmm... as for discussions, questions or philosophical things... Do you think that it might be a little bit wrong for people to get wrapped up in online communities and forget about their own communities out in the real world? Personally, I have always felt a little bit uneasy about this, since I suppose that I could make more efforts in getting involved in my own community/small town, rather than in the internet communities. Maybe people look to online communities because they feel alone and ostracized by society. Everyone needs a place to belong I guess. But maybe that's a warning sign that real communities aren't functioning properly and that people must look else where for approval. Maybe I'm reading too much into things, but it's interesting to wonder about.

...forgive me if some of that didn't make sense. It's 4am and I am a bit too tired to be thinking completely coherent thoughts.
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Dammit people...

So, I see that noone has entered here. Fine, fine, but you're missing out on cookies!!! Not really, there's no cookies, but lots of good talking, if people would sign up! Haha, ah well, it wasn't that big of a deal, I'd still like people to sign up though...

HEY! Welcome!

Hey, this is LLEd here, I've searched many communities for online friends, but I couldn't find a place that fit me, so I thought, "Well, maybe there are other people like me, who would join this community. Mainly here I just wanted people to talk. Mostly about philosophical things, for those of you who don't know, the title of the community is a philosophical thing in itself. I want people to question and to talk about anything. I love to listen, so if you're the one with problems or questions, just come here and tell me. Know that you'll have a friend to confide in. I never had the guts to just barge in on somebody's journal and just say, "Hey, you're cool, can we talk?" But to anybody who finds this, know that I would love somebody to barge in and talk, anybody is welcome, and thank you for joining.
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