hi i'm nat been a murderdolls/wednesday 13 fan for quite a while and i just have to say that the new cd & dvd is awesome!!!
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Wednesday 13 interview in Bubblegum Slut zine #36

Issue 36 of the UK’s only fake-fur adorned rock ‘n’ roll read – ‘Bubblegum Slut zine’ - is out now and includes a new interview with Wednesday 13, conducted during Gunfire 76's debut UK tour, where he discusses the new band and the possibility of a Murderdolls reunion. Also included in this issue is an interview with tourmates Bullets & Octane, another 20-track free sampler CD and 88 pages of the followingCollapse )

Wednesday 13 Live in Providence, RI Jan 12th! All Ages!

Wednesday 13's Gunfire 76 @ Club Hell
in an ALL AGES tribute to Horror High

The spooky rock attitude of Wednesday 13 is coming to Rhode Island, in the form of his brand new band Gunfire 76, with special guests to rock and delight ghouls and toys of ALL AGES! We're super excited and hope to squeeze in another interview with University of Rhode Island DJ, DJ Nightshrill while we're there!

$12 adv. tickets includes a free CD from Hate in the Box! at http://ticketalternative.com/Events/8733.aspx $15 at the door ALL AGES 6:30pm

-Who: Wednesday 13's Gunfire 76, Hate in the Box, The Sex Slaves, 10/31, Vagora
-What: Too Ghoul for School, an all ages tribute to Horror High
-When: Tuesday, January 12th doors open 6:30pm, bands 10pm
-Where: Club Hell, 73 Richmond St. Providence, RI
$10 at the Door, $8 with RSVP! ALL AGES!

Click here to RSVP on MySpace!
Click here to RSVP on FaceBook!

Lollypops and Nightmares,
Rainbow Blight
AOL IM: HateInTheBoxBand
Twitter: RainbowBlight

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1D - Harry

Hey all

Hope this is allowed. Sorry if it's not :/

Hello, a friend and I have just started an icon community w13_icons. We thought that this would be the best place to advertise, what with you all being Wednesday fans. ;)

Here's a preview of our icons so far:

Not only are we advertising the fact that we have made icons, but we are also advertising that icon creators are welcome. Please take a look and feel free to take (with credit :p) the ones that are already on offer.

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Wednesday 13 in B.S zine #32

Issue 32 of the UK’s finest, and only fake-fur covered (!) rock'n'roll zine Bubblegum Slut is out now and includes an in-depth report on what happened when we were lucky enough to get an invite to join Wednesday 13 and a small group of other writers on an overnight vigil at the haunted site of Oxford castle, as part of a record label promo stunt to launch 'Skeletons'.

Full contents and ordering info under the cutCollapse )