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denim day

tomorrow, wed, april 27, is denim day.
everyone participating should wear denim tomorrow as part of a national protest against sexual harrassment and rape.
inspired by a trial where the guy got off with the excuse, "she wanted it because she was wearing tight jeans."

i thought you guys might appreciate this-- WEAR YOUR DENIM TOMORROW.

(late notice i realize, but better late then never.)

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This Friday @ Lunch in e-7 EVERYONE WHO IS INVOLVED OR WANTS TO BE INVOLVED IN THE FUNDRAISER NEEDS TO COME TO THIS MEETING. It is really important that everyone tries and sacrifices lunch on this day because we are splitting up in to groups. Also, bring anyone interested in helping with the fundraiser ( including men and non -- WE membets) Also if you see any members from WOCC or WITS please invite them also. The meeting will begin right on time because there is so much to cover. Also bring your money from the candy if you have finished all ten bars by Friday. If you do not come let me know ahead of time.