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The WRC is the largest effort in the world of men working to end men's violence against women. It relies on volunteer support and financial contributions from individuals and organizations.

Wearing a white ribbon is a personal pledge never to commit, condone nor remain silent about violence against women.

Each year, we urge men and boys to wear a ribbon for one or two weeks, starting on November 25, theInternational Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women. (In Canada we wear ribbons until December 6, Canada's National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.)

December 6, the anniversary of the Montreal massacre, is Canada's National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.

We encourage men to wear a white ribbon and to participate in commemorative events open to men. But the WRC does not organize events on December 6, nor do we make public statements unless requested by women's groups.
Why? Because we think it should be a day for men to step back and listen to the voices of women.

Does the White Ribbon Campaign exist only for one week a year? Just as men's violence against women is a year-round problem, our work requires a year-round effort.We distribute to schools educational kits that can be used throughout the year.

Some local groups organize events around Father's Day to talk about positive roles for men, about the importance of men being care givers and nurturers. Some groups organize Valentine's Day dances to spread a message about building healthy relationships.

Check out the White Ribbon Campaign (WRC) at http://www.whiteribbon.com/
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