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re: the energy bill due out on the senate floor on mon. if activism= your thing, PLEASE HELP!

We would like @ least 100 copies of a letter in support of a sane energy policy sent to the sen. specter and santorum's energy aids, which the Center for Creative Cooperation met with in DC on Wednesday, 8 June 2005. Present at the meeting were 5 representatives (including myself) from a newly formed NEPA "activist umbrella" called The Center for Creative Cooperation, which is a center for activists groups who support sane energy policies, environmentalism and general social justice issues to coalesce and support one another. The Center fully advocates the autonomy of each group, but is in place to help garner support and numbers for grass roots organizations.

The letter we're asking to be forwarded is placed under another LJ cut, below this one.

The first section of the letter highlights some of what they SAID to us during out 90 minute conversation/debate. The second section is what WE support (as the Center for Creative Cooperation). Between all of us and our groups, these aides, Mr. Dower and Mr. Beynon, need to receive at least 100 hundred of these emailed letters this weekend, since the energy bill hits the Senate floor Monday.

We fully understand that these letters may not change the course of energy bill history. HOWEVER

1. These letters will put these guys on notice that we weren't kidding when we said that we represented a "strong coalition of concerned citizen groups," I wasn't making it up - they need to know we have some numbers here.

2. They understand that for every letter they get, there are 10 more people in our groups who support what the letter says.

Please, spread the word to groups/people who you think may be interested........we would like @ least 100 letters/emails to be sent to these guys by monday.

If they only get a few, our impact int he future will be considerably less--if they get more than a few, we will matter more. GRASS ROOTS WORKS ON NUMBERS - So let's show them we have numbers!!!

All you have to do with the letter is:

paste the following two emails into the address line:

if you know friends or other PA groups who would be interested in voicing similar (or the same) concerns, please forward this email to them, and have them send this message (or something similar...) to the email addresses listed above.

then, please sign your name (and address if you're from PA) under the "sincerely".

One more thing, i have recently started a (potentially... still have to file the paper work) non-profit group called S.A.F.E.R. (Student Action for Environmental Responsibilty). The only requirement to support this group is to be a student --or a supporter of students/student action--, so if you are interested in this (and you do not have to be a PA resident or student to "join") please let me know via a comment and if you are interested and choose to send a letter to san/spects reps please include something like:

Amie Monte
Member of S.A.F.E.R. (Student Action for Environmental Responsibilty)

after the closing "sincerely" of the letter.

thanks! if anyone has any ?'s about the meeting/lobbying for a sane energy policy lemme know:) you can email me @


and please comment if you are forwarding the message because we would like to keep track of how many emails are being sent to the senators. thanks!!!

Dear Mr. Dower and Mr. Beynon,

I understand that on June 8th at your offices in Washington DC, you met with Virginia Kennedy, Amie Montemurro, Lita Dunne Grossman, Dolores Roselli, and Allison Avery who represented my organization's views on the importance of an intelligent energy policy. I understand that you made the following important points:

* The voices of Pennsylvania's citizens are equally as important to Senators Specter and Santorum as the voices of lobbyists from big corporations like Exxonmobile or Big Coal. Therefore, Pennsylvania's citizens - working men and women who do not have funds for large campaign donations or to pay for expensive professional lobbyists and who have difficulty taking time off from work to travel to Washington DC on a frequent basis - can be assured that they receive equal access to their elected officials in all matters and equal consideration in important legislation like the energy bill.

* Senators Specter and Santorum, though both support drilling for oil in ANWR on the basis of national security (though no guarantees are in place to make sure any oil from ANWR is sold domestically) and the rejection of CAFE standards in automobiles due to perceived economic difficulties, fully realize the importance of a sound energy policy focused on renewable energy sources as opposed to continued use of fossil fuels that have been linked to global warming.

* Senators Specter and Santorum are strong supporters of initiatives within Pennsylvania that keep PA's environment safe and healthy and that hold corporate polluters accountable to the people of Pennsylvania. You, as legislative aides, have both committed to making sure our organization knows when either or both senators are promoting environmental initiatives, so that we can attend and support these actions.

* Senators Specter and Santorum will be made aware of our concerns regarding PA's environment and of the health of the global environment as it impacts all pivotal issues, for example poverty and AIDS issues, women's issues, labor issues, and national security issues.

* Even though you will be profoundly busy when the energy bill comes to the Senate floor, you will make every attempt to keep our organization informed of its progress and to be sure that Senators Specter and Santorum are aware of our support for the following:

1. We are fully aware of New York Times article Bush Aide Softened Greenhouse Gas Links to Global Warming at and the London Guardian article Revealed: How Oil Giant Influenced Bush at,12374,1501646,00.html, In light of these revelations and the newly released report signed by 11 academies of science from all over the world asserting the connection between human activity and climate change (found at, we support actions by our senators that urge Congress and the president to admit and tackle climate change with the urgency the problem deserves.

2. We support standards put forth in the Kyoto Protocol, the approval of a steep rise in mandated CAFE standards, and an aggressive public relations campaign like the one regarding social security, to make the public aware of the urgent need for conservation and the change to sustainable energies, as opposed to drilling in ANWR or any of our other public spaces..

3. We DO NOT support nuclear energy as an alternative to fossil fuels, since nuclear power is inherently and drastically dangerous, an extreme national security risk, and since other safer cleaner technologies and conservation measures can be more safely pursued. In addition, Pennsylvanians do not want new nuclear reactors in their backyards.

4. We DO NOT support further tax subsidies to big fossil fuel companies while renewable technologies and conservation programs get a much smaller piece of the tax break pie.

Thank you for your attention to our concerns. We look forward to our future contacts.


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