bunny foo foo (beaveronaleash) wrote in we__,
bunny foo foo

Hello hello hello!

Who wants their very own copy of the 31 Voices performance?
Did you miss it or just want to see it again?
Well, contact Mere to reserve your own copy!
It's $5 for VHS or $6 for DVD! Hurry hurry!

There will be a meeting run by Sara and Mere sometime in the future about Women in the media (specifically the music industry).
At Sunday's meeting, Sara spoke about possibly asking everyone to bring in a scene from a film in which you liked/disliked the way a female character is portrayed.
So, just think about it until the plans are finalized.

Alright, so... cool. Think about that and I'll see ya at the next Friday meeting.

P.S. Don't forget, the CORE 11 performance of 31 Voices is May 20, so if you are scheduled to perform, start going over those lines again! :) And if you don't know who is performing, please reply and I'll be more than happy to type up the list!
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