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dirty tarot


I thought this was interesting. It is a set of non-traditional tarot cards.

The introduction from the site:
The world is full of little truths and our lives are rich in surprises and secrets. I believe we can gain insight and request guidance from anything, anytime.
Insight is abundant because the stuff of our lives is sacred. Yet many of these things have become invisible or meaningless in the maw of consumer culture. The power of personal symbols can be understated in this land of logos and materialism.
I seek to righteously reclaim the symbols, to share them, and to derive beauty, meaning, and essence from each. I invite you to discover your own meanings for the cards as well.

Here are a few samples (http://www.dirtytarot.net/cards.html)

Get perspective. Feet out the window, barreling along the open road. Spaciousness. Liberation. Moving forward for the sake of watching the landscape change. Wideness of life. Distance.

Glittering memory of place and time. Souvenir. Creating a magical container for thought and emotions.Shake it up, watch the whirlwind, things always drift and settle down eventually.

The warmest best smelling love surrounds you. Emotional preparedness. Equipped with tissues, hard candy, comfort. Bearing gifts of stories. Carrying the tools of ancestors. Clutching, a little timid, with hands full of ancient wistdom.

Hey foxy, you want it all? You get it all.Lusty dynamism. Magnetic attraction. Flexible, easy, confident. Free spirit. Hot shit.

what do you think?
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