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i hope this doesn't get too long, but it would be important to me if you read this. [22 Sep 2005|05:42pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

So hey guys- I just want to start out by saying I hope everyone had a great summer and I hope everyone is having a good time in school so far. Although I am still stuck in the valley and I am completely 100% jealous of all of you I'm so proud of all of you. So I have started the Prestigious Pierce College, and the first day I'm looking at all the club booths down the main walk way. I realize there is really nothing there for me. I don't really fit into the persian club, christian club,jewish club, or the anthropology club. There were really know human rights clubs and I got frusterated. Even though I faded in an out of WE through out the years due to multiple jobs and other personal things WE still had a special part in my heart and so did the members. So I thought to myself well maybe I could start up WE type meeting or some sort of support group. But as weeks went on school was getting a lil more stressful and so was work so unfortunatly me starting up a club was put to set on the back burner for a while. So today as my friend Allison and I were walking back to our cars from a loooooooong Art hist class I see from a far a sign that says "make abortion legal" and my eyes opened wide up and I ran over to the booth. And to my suprise there was this cute lil woman who was starting a FEMINIST CLUB!! OMG I signed up in like 2 seconds and I told her all about WE and TUFF GUIS and she got sooo excited and was thrilled that I was signing up. So the moral of the story a lil bit of WE is moving to Pierce College. Thanks for reading, it means alot to me. You know where I am so if any of you need to talk to someone from home HERE I AM!! love you all.

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