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Youth Media Council builds communications power and defends the communication rights of youth, communities of color, and organizing groups working for racial and economic justice.

Launched in 2001 to counter racial stereotypes and anti-youth bias in the news, YMC is a media strategy and action center dedicated to building a strategic and collaborative movement for justice by strengthening media strategy, capacity and action in California and beyond.

i hope this doesn't get too long, but it would be important to me if you read this.

So hey guys- I just want to start out by saying I hope everyone had a great summer and I hope everyone is having a good time in school so far. Although I am still stuck in the valley and I am completely 100% jealous of all of you I'm so proud of all of you. So I have started the Prestigious Pierce College, and the first day I'm looking at all the club booths down the main walk way. I realize there is really nothing there for me. I don't really fit into the persian club, christian club,jewish club, or the anthropology club. There were really know human rights clubs and I got frusterated. Even though I faded in an out of WE through out the years due to multiple jobs and other personal things WE still had a special part in my heart and so did the members. So I thought to myself well maybe I could start up WE type meeting or some sort of support group. But as weeks went on school was getting a lil more stressful and so was work so unfortunatly me starting up a club was put to set on the back burner for a while. So today as my friend Allison and I were walking back to our cars from a loooooooong Art hist class I see from a far a sign that says "make abortion legal" and my eyes opened wide up and I ran over to the booth. And to my suprise there was this cute lil woman who was starting a FEMINIST CLUB!! OMG I signed up in like 2 seconds and I told her all about WE and TUFF GUIS and she got sooo excited and was thrilled that I was signing up. So the moral of the story a lil bit of WE is moving to Pierce College. Thanks for reading, it means alot to me. You know where I am so if any of you need to talk to someone from home HERE I AM!! love you all.
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WE Meeeeeeeeeeting!!

Hey everyone,

WE are having our first meeting of the year this Friday, September 16th, at lunch in E-7.

I know at the end 11th grade last year, there was a lot of talk about creating a space to continue exploring ourselves as women. Clearly, the discussion, the issues raised, and the strong connections made did not end with the year. Lucerito and I spent the better half of the last couple of days brainstorming on how to do this effectively and all-inclusive from the beginning. There are some things about WE that we hope to change, as well as things we hope to keep that made WE, well, WE. I guess we'll have to see where everyone is and where this group wants to take things. I am so so so excited to be a part of a women's group this year and can't wait to get things started.

Thank you Rachel and Rachel for being my inspiration and to every single member of WE for being awesome. I hope that everyone in WE last year is doing great, and I hope memebers for this year still feel as much as they felt 3 months ago.

Le Tour De SFV

In honor of the riders and race of the Tour de France I am going to ride a tour of the valley on the last day of the Tour de France, which is next Sunday. Specifics on how far, where and everything else I am figuring out this week, but if you are interested in riding with me and some Tuff Guis maybe then let me know. I offered it to Tuff Guis and thought maybe some W.E. members would be interested, so I come here with the anouncment. It's not a race, just a fun, long ride. Everyone is welcome to come and participate. If you're interested or have questions you can comment or e-mail me at
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So, I was unable to make it to the sleepover tonight (Why did I have to get a summer job?!?)but I really hope you all had fun!! I miss you guys and hope that there are tons more opportunities for us to get together!! <3333

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Some of you know me, but for those of you who don't, I'm Debbie, and I just finished CORE11 a couple weeks ago.

I just wanted to let you guys know that there are (I guess former now) juniors who are interested in continuing what all you (former) seniors started next year.