Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (_wes_pryce_) wrote in want_take_have_,
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

After Mister Giles had called me to inform me that he had located my Slayer, Miss Hanley, I was quite relieved. Oddly enough I had started to worry about her, since it took her so very long to show up. Letting out breath I didn't even know I was holding in, I placed the telephone back on the receiver and go ready to make my way over to this highshool.

It was quite difficult to find anything there. Just as it had been bloody difficult to find the library when I first arrived at this blasted school. Yelling youngsters everywhere, not to mention rude youngsters. Americans really ought to taken an example from English schools. Nice, orderly and the children were polite. Unlike these rude children. I had to ask several of them the way to this cafeteria. Of course by the time I arrived there, everyone was already gone.

I've no idea where Mister Giles went, or the Slayers. All I know was this dismissal behavior was just typical. It certainly gave me an idea about why Mister Giles was put on probation by the council. Pushing up my glasses, I sighed and made my way back to my hotel room. Having no idea of where Mister Giles lived and not having found him in the library I need to figure out what to do now.

Phone-books are very useful.

After finally figuring out his address, I waited until I was almost certain he would be at home. And that I wouldn't be disturbing him while he had dinner. Oddly enough I hardly had funds to get myself some dinner. Just lunch would have to suffice for now. Slightly nervous, though I had no idea why, I walked over to the door of his house. I smoothed out my suit, my hair, made certain my glasses were clean and knocked on his door.

(Open for Giles of course)
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