Buffy Summers (buffyshaped) wrote in want_take_have_,
Buffy Summers

“Where is your boyfriend?” The vampire in the leather jacket said right before I punched him in the face.

Faith and I had been on patrol for the last two hours; mostly we exchanged a little banter here and there about slaying and watchers and such, nothing of any real depth. For the most part I was feeling a little nervous, wondering if Faith was watching me fight silently critiquing my style, form, and contemplating how she would do things differently. Maybe I was just being paranoid than again I was doing the exact same thing to her.

This vamp, this stupid biker wannabe vampire changed all that. His stupid question asking about Angel was enough to distract me from Faith, from patrol, from life in general. I could no longer care what this new slayer chick thought all I cared about was beating this stupid smug vamp until all the hate and anger melted away.

I do not know just how long I had beat this stupid vamp but by time I finally staked him I was actually sore and a little tired, both body, mind and soul. I just sat on the ground where I had staked him and stared at the dirt, I was sick of this, sick of everything and to be honest I was tempted to turn to Faith and say ‘Hey you be the Slayer now.. I quit’.

I did not though, too much drama is bad for the soul so I just stood up like the trooper I was and turned to Faith like nothing weird had happened.

“Hey I think that is enough for the night, what about you?”

(Open to Faith)
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