Faith Hanley (prodigal_slayer) wrote in want_take_have_,
Faith Hanley

We grew up fast and we grew up alone

So I finally met the infamous B.

Chick was cool, for real. Not to mention wicked cute in that bleached blond way that just makes you think she's about two steps away from bein' a cheerleader. Name like Buffy, valley girl hair, perky rack. Yep, always keep 'em guessin', that's my philosphy. Could see that B digs that way of lookin' at things too. Cause if you don't know she's the slayer, she looked all harmless.

I should've known it was her when I caught her staring at me in the Bronze. In my defense I was kinda sidetracked by my run in with Stickfigure Barbie. That girl was a serious bitch by the way, got my blood flowin' in all the wrong and right places. Anyway, I shoulda known it was B right away, cause I felt something...weird. Like almost drawn to her or like a wicked sense of de ja vous. I couldn't even explain it if I wanted to, but I never felt that drawn to anyone in my whole life.

Buffy was headin' out on patrol after we got our introductions outta the way. So I tagged along and we made a giant pile of dust out of some nest of nasties that were holed up in the cemetary. Hellmouth vamps? They make the vampires back home look like kittens, for real. I already knew this was gonna be the town for me. My town. Well me and Buffy's town.

B had to bail after awhile sayin' something about homework. Homework? Makes me glad I dropped out when I did, because I'm pretty sure I remembered hatin' homework. 'Sides I was the a slayer now, I didn't need school to tell me how to kill demons.

Buffy told me to come meet her watcher Giles, after her classes the next day. So where do I find myself after sleeping til noon and then laying around in my room and watching Jerry Springer? Walkin' in the front door of Sunnydale High School. Now where the fuck was the library? Wandering the hallways I wondered why B wanted me to come say hey to Giles. Not that I really cared, but it was gettin' dangerously close to time for me to come clean about what I was doin' here. Had to get help, needed Buff to lend a slayer a hand with killing that Ycul fuck.

Finally I found the door that said library over it. "This is the place." I muttered before pushing in through the doors and looking around.

"Uh...hey? Anyone here?" Sauntering into the middle of the room I saw a table, and leapt up so that I was sitting on it, both legs dangling over the edge. Buffy was the kinda chick who obviously liked to keep 'em waiting.
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