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We grew up fast and we grew up alone - Want, take, have: A Buffy season three AU game — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Want, take, have: A Buffy season three AU game

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We grew up fast and we grew up alone [Oct. 30th, 2004|03:31 am]
Want, take, have: A Buffy season three AU game
So I finally met the infamous B.

Chick was cool, for real. Not to mention wicked cute in that bleached blond way that just makes you think she's about two steps away from bein' a cheerleader. Name like Buffy, valley girl hair, perky rack. Yep, always keep 'em guessin', that's my philosphy. Could see that B digs that way of lookin' at things too. Cause if you don't know she's the slayer, she looked all harmless.

I should've known it was her when I caught her staring at me in the Bronze. In my defense I was kinda sidetracked by my run in with Stickfigure Barbie. That girl was a serious bitch by the way, got my blood flowin' in all the wrong and right places. Anyway, I shoulda known it was B right away, cause I felt something...weird. Like almost drawn to her or like a wicked sense of de ja vous. I couldn't even explain it if I wanted to, but I never felt that drawn to anyone in my whole life.

Buffy was headin' out on patrol after we got our introductions outta the way. So I tagged along and we made a giant pile of dust out of some nest of nasties that were holed up in the cemetary. Hellmouth vamps? They make the vampires back home look like kittens, for real. I already knew this was gonna be the town for me. My town. Well me and Buffy's town.

B had to bail after awhile sayin' something about homework. Homework? Makes me glad I dropped out when I did, because I'm pretty sure I remembered hatin' homework. 'Sides I was the a slayer now, I didn't need school to tell me how to kill demons.

Buffy told me to come meet her watcher Giles, after her classes the next day. So where do I find myself after sleeping til noon and then laying around in my room and watching Jerry Springer? Walkin' in the front door of Sunnydale High School. Now where the fuck was the library? Wandering the hallways I wondered why B wanted me to come say hey to Giles. Not that I really cared, but it was gettin' dangerously close to time for me to come clean about what I was doin' here. Had to get help, needed Buff to lend a slayer a hand with killing that Ycul fuck.

Finally I found the door that said library over it. "This is the place." I muttered before pushing in through the doors and looking around.

"Uh...hey? Anyone here?" Sauntering into the middle of the room I saw a table, and leapt up so that I was sitting on it, both legs dangling over the edge. Buffy was the kinda chick who obviously liked to keep 'em waiting.

From: buffyshaped
2004-10-30 06:46 pm (UTC)
One test out of the way and no one had to die in the process. Math, how many ways can I say yuck? At least I managed to get some serious study time in first, hit the books so to say. There were times that hitting the books took on a far more literal meaning, hitting them, shoving them, and there was that time I was throwing them. In the end though the test was not as bad as I feared but I was still glad that it was over with.

I was rather late to the library to meet Faith, she was already waiting for me not looking her most patient. Big surprise, I guess patience and slayer do not go hand in hand which is a really weird saying if you think about it.

“Hey Faith.” I said as I entered the library and looked around to see if Giles is anywhere in the vicinity. “So have you seen much of Sunnydale yet? We have this really great park… and.. ok not really much here.” I smile a little; it was nice to talk to someone who understood what it was like to be the slayer even if the topic did not come up in conversation. It could go entirely unsaid because it was understood.
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From: prodigal_slayer
2004-10-30 08:52 pm (UTC)
"Hey Faith."

I looked up from studying the wall intently to see Buffy waltzing on in from class or whatever it was she did here. Thank fucking God she was here now, cause I was gettin' seriously antsy. Not big on the sitting around and waiting on other people to do their thing.

"Hey B." I let a lazy smirk cover my face as dark eyes unconsciously gave her the once over.

"Sunnyd ain't so bad." I said with a shrug as I hopped down off the table. "You guys get definite points for hellmouth. The vamps in Boston don't even compare."
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From: buffyshaped
2004-11-01 01:34 am (UTC)
"Sunnyd ain't so bad. You guys get definite points for hellmouth. The vamps in Boston don't even compare."

I nod; I guess I never really thought about the quantity and quality of vampires. Part of me had always wished the Hellmouth was a bit less, well, Helly. Maybe I could have a more normal life if patrolling and slaying and stopping the world from ending were not so much a part of my life.

Maybe Angel would still be here… no probably not.. that had little to do with the Hellmouth.

“Hey did you see Giles. Older British man, probably in tweed, and most likely reading a book looking perplexed. Well that is my Watcher, he really needs to meet you.”
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From: prodigal_slayer
2004-11-01 06:34 am (UTC)
"Nope. Haven't seen anyone except you." I grinned at her, casually leaning against the table with my arms crossed. I kept the grin firmly in place as I thought about meeting her watcher. Giles. Least this one was a guy. Vaguely I wondered if he had been anything like Kate. They were both British and liked books apparently, then again I think that goes along with the whole watcher gig.

Eyeing Buffy carefully I wondered how many drinks it would take her to loosen up. She seemed wound kinda tight. Too bad I didn't know anyone in town to give me the 411 on the infamous B.
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From: witchy__woman
2004-11-08 03:37 am (UTC)
It's possible that maybe I shouldn't have borrowed so many books from Giles over the time we found about about the Hellmouth being the Hellmouth. But sometimes when you're in research mode you don't really want to call it quits at the library even when Buffy's yawning pointedly and Xander's sleeping on one of the tables.

So, yeah, I've sort of borrowed a few books over the last year or so. But the important thing is that I'm returning them now. Just in time for the inventory.

I push the double doors to the library open only able to see over the pile of books in my arms if I tip toe.

"Giles, I've got some more books for the inventory. Oh! And I've thought of a great way to explain the books." I step towards the table. "Religious diversity. I mean this is the hellmouth, there has to be some satan worshipers, right? We're just being an equal opportunity library. Do you think that Snyder would go for something like that?" I set the books down and turn around.

No Giles. Instead there's Buffy and another dark haired girl.

"Oh..uh, Hi Buffy," I say giving a small wave. I glance towards the other girl. "I uh...was just kidding about the satanism." I pause. "I mean...unless you are a satanist...in which case. Go Satan."

I look to Buffy for help. "Uh...Buffy, have you seen Giles?"
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From: buffyshaped
2004-11-08 04:04 am (UTC)
"Uh...Buffy, have you seen Giles?"

I grin when I see Willow and her books. She is helping Giles out, not a big shocker, Giles and I would be lost without our good reliable Willow.

“No but this is Faith, she is a slayer too..” I turn to Faith because she might be one of those people who does not think a Slayer should let anyone know about well.. slaying. “She knows about me, is my partner in crime so to say.” I than give Willow a smile.

“I hope he shows up soon though, I am sure he wants to know about the presence of a new Slayer.”
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[User Picture]From: wickedslayer
2004-11-08 07:05 am (UTC)
I raised an eyebrow as some bubbly redhead came bursting through the doors and talkin' some shit about Satanists or something. Leaning against the table, I crossed my arms over my chest and smirk back at her as she shot me a nervous smile. Guess her and B were pals or something by the look on Buffy's face. Hey, that was cool. Whatever.

"Uhh...hey." I said, realizing no one had even bothered to tell me Red's name. "Partner in crime huh? Cool." I shook my head, wonderin' how B could have a partner in crime when she was a slayer. That was just messed up, I couldn't even really tell anyone I was a slayer. Not that I was much for pallin' around anyway.

Couldn't believe it but I was kinda disappointed. I mean hell, I was the other slayer here. Maybe I'd come here to be B's partner in crime. She was the only one like me, I guess. Just thought she'd be more like me.
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From: lil_ripper
2004-11-08 10:40 am (UTC)
I'd popped out to see if any jelly donuts were left in the staff room, which unfortunately there weren't, and returned with a cinnamon roll instead when I noticed a newcomer leaning against the centre table. From her demeanor and way that she regarded Buffy I surmised that she was the other slayer, finally checking in with us.

"Partner's in crime? That sounds rather Bonnie and Clyde don't you think?" I remarked with a sheepish smile, and then came forward, juggling the plate with the sweet roll to hold out my hand to her. "You must be Faith Hanley, the new slayer?"
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From: prodigal_slayer
2004-11-09 10:57 pm (UTC)
"Check me out. I'm famous." I said, a slight smirk crossing dark stained lips as I took stock of Watcherboy here. He was kinda cute, for a stuffy old British guy. Nothin' like Kate though, that was for damn sure.

Looking down I realized he was holding his hand out. Manners. Yeah, I remembered all those lectures Kate gave me on bein' polite and shit. Taking his hand firmly in mine I shook it before letting go again.

"I'm Faith. One and only." I leaned against the table again and unconsciously leaned in closer to B. My sister slayer. Who was this redheaded chick again?
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From: buffyshaped
2004-11-10 03:03 am (UTC)
"There you are Giles." I said with a small smile relieved that he finally showed up. After all last time I saw Snyder he was fuming and I would not put it past him to suddenly fire Giles just to get to me. Than again he probably knew he could be far more effective with his tormenting with Giles working in the same building.

"How have you been doing? Have you had another encounter with rat face?" I turn to Faith, I don't want her to feel left out. "Rat face is the principal here, well actually his name is Snyder. He kind of expelled me but had to let me back in, he kind of is out for revenge." I rolled my eyes at Faith; I wondered if she was going to enroll here if she had not already.

“You might have to encounter him if you start going to school here, are you going to go to school here?”
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[User Picture]From: wickedslayer
2004-11-12 12:50 am (UTC)
With my arms crossed back over my chest, I raised an eyebrow and nodded my head like I even gave a fuck about who the principal of this little school was. Couldn't believe this. B actually had like...a normal life and shit. School, friends...it was whack yo and I just didn't get it. We were different than other people, how could she live like this?

"Go to school here? I don't really do the whole school thing." I said dismissively wandering how this Giles guy already knew who I was. Must mean only one thing, news of Kate's death had already reached the council.
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From: lil_ripper
2004-11-13 05:51 am (UTC)
"Check me out. I'm famous. I'm Faith. One and only."

Well she certainly had a feisty attitude, and I could see just by looking at her that Wesley would have his hands full being her Watcher. She looked in superb shape and she'd give him quite a work out. I idly wondered if he would be able to handle it. He was tall and lean, and must have had some combat training surely. Perhaps underneath that immaculate suit of his lurked a wiry frame that could take the kind of punishment that Faith would dish out. I blushed for a moment. Oh dear god, that wasn't what I... I set down my plate, removed my glasses hurriedly and began to polish them furiously. Luckily Buffy managed to save me from any further embarrassment.

"How have you been doing? Have you had another encounter with rat face. Rat face is the principal here, well actually his name is Snyder. He kind of expelled me but had to let me back in, he kind of is out for revenge."

"Really Buffy, you should learn to show more respect for your elders." I said it in a droll way, joking with her, and just glad that she was smiling at me again. "And Principal Snyder is not a rat-face, weasel- or stoat-face would be far more accurate."

I placed my glasses back on the bridge of my nose, my composure recovered at last.

"Go to school here? I don't really do the whole school thing."

"Oh? You were home tutored?" It was a common thing with some of the slayers of the past, with the need to keep her identity hidden from the wrong kind of people. I moved to Faith and laid a sympathetic hand on her shoulder for a brief moment.

"Faith, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. It must be very painful for you. If you need to talk, I'm sure myself or Buffy here would be glad to oblige." I told her gravely. "But I must go and inform your new watcher of your arrival immediately. He was rather worried about you."

And with that I moved into the back room and dialed Wesley's number and informed him of the situation, he said he'd be right over and I put the receiver down. How was I going to tell Buffy I was on probation, and with that young whippersnapper as my assessor. It was going to prove interesting indeed.

I walked back out into the main library.

"Mr Pryce is on his way. So, what do you two have planned in the meantime?"
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[User Picture]From: wickedslayer
2004-11-13 06:16 am (UTC)
"Home tutored?" I snickered a little, before realizing that no one else was laughin'. Wasn't that always the way huh? "Naw. I dropped out, school's not really my thing." These people better not think school was gonna be my thing now. The last thing I was gonna do was pretend to be something I wasn't.

"Faith, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. It must be very painful for you. If you need to talk, I'm sure myself or Buffy here would be glad to oblige."

My breath caught in my throat for a minute and I wasn't sure what to do. They knew about Kate, knew why I was here and I just wasn't ready for it ya know? I shrugged sullenly before givin' Giles an even look again. "It's cool."

What? Wait? New watcher? I had a new watcher already? these guys sure didn't like to waste time. Before I could even argue Giles was off in the next room for a few minuets before coming back and announcing that some dude was on his way.

"Sweet. It's a party then." I said nonchalantly.

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From: witchy__woman
2004-11-14 02:34 am (UTC)
Another Slayer?

But another slayer was only called when one...

I bit my lip and glanced over at Buffy. Kendra. How could I have almost let her slip my mind?

Buffy didn't seem to be taking the appearance of this slayer as badly as she'd taken Kendra's though. Then again, Faith hadn't almost killed Angel either.

I sort of blended into the background as Faith, Buffy and Giles made the introductions. Faith didn't really look very impressed with anyone but Buffy.

Sweet. It's a party then.

Party. PARTY!

I'd almost forgotten about Buffy's surprise party.

"No school?" I finally asked of Faith. "I mean, that's cool, but what are you going to do during the day?"

Wow, that sounded alot more condecending than I meant it to be.

How can you not like school? I mean the humiliation and killings, yeah, I can understand that...but not liking the learning?
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From: buffyshaped
2004-11-14 03:09 am (UTC)
"I mean, that's cool, but what are you going to do during the day?"

Wow that was a very Willow response, she had a point but at the same time it bothered me.

"Well I am sure she has much slayer stuff to do, train, kill vamps, demons, trolls, werewolves.. well not werewolves because they are only out on a full moon. But hey there is no law that we can only kill vamps when they are awake and bitey, during the day when they are asleep is just as valid of a time as any.” I said wondering if that was as dorky as it sounded.

“So Faith want to go on patrol again tonight, it was kind of fun patrolling with another Slayer.” I for some reason feel I need to show my slayer support, after all no one can understand a slayer like a slayer.
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[User Picture]From: wickedslayer
2004-11-14 07:14 am (UTC)
I raised my eyebrow at the redhead askin' me what I do durin' the day. Thinkin' about tellin' her that's none of her business but then I can almost hear Kate's voice in my head tellin' me to be nice and bitchin' about manners and all that other shit. So instead I let a smirk spread over my face.

"Well ya know, train, kill stuff, watch Springer." Plus I was a slayer, I spent my nights killin' vamps and wreckin' demons. No way my ass was gettin' out of bed early enough for school every morning. Fuck that.

"Yeah, I'm down for a little synchronized slaying tonight." I said, smiling at Buffy. Ya know, maybe I was bein' too hard on her. She was still a slayer, and she was pretty cool. She was the only one who I thought might get me, ya know?
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From: witchy__woman
2004-11-14 07:07 pm (UTC)
"Oh yeah, right," I said offering Faith a big smile.

Great Willow, way to offend the new slayer in town. Not to mention that Buffy seemed a little annoyed too. I hadn't meant to be rude, it's just...well alright, maybe a slayer doesn't have to worry about school and everything, but well...Buffy was. I'm sure if she put her mind to it this Faithy girl could too.

"Oh that's neat," I said as they talked about patrolling tonight. I mean it's good that Buffy will have more back up considering that sometimes the only job for me and Xander was to do the backing up while Buffy kicked the ass. "You wanna meet at the Bronze afterwards?" I asked. "Oz is playing."

"Faith you should come too, the Bronze is kind of our local hangout. And they have the best bands. Though I'm a little biased," I said smiling.
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