Richard Wilkins III (mayor_by_golly) wrote in want_take_have_,
Richard Wilkins III

Good, old fashioned rule days

Well, it seems that we've come to the beginning of the last school year my dear Sunnydale will ever see. By the time these youngsters get ready to collect their diplomas, well... they may just notice a change in the air. That change would be the coming of hell on Earth, of course, and the great future those kids will have to look forward to will be providing me with the steam to keep my demon engine running during the ascension.

On a slightly ironic note, the day that Sunnydale is destroyed, there will be no sun at all. Now I don't mean that the papers are predicting any bad weather. No, there's no word on the forecast for graduation day, but there will be this nifty solar eclipse that will take the sunshine out of Sunnydale. See, I knew that when I founded this town a hundred years ago, so I thought that Sunnydale would be a clever name for the place. That was downright witty of me, if I do say so myself. I'm sure when it dawns on the class of '99, they'll pause in their abject terror to enjoy a light chuckle at that one. I almost wish I could tell them the joke now, just so that they remember to laugh.

Of course, there's a whole school year ahead of these tikes, with each day chock full of it's own little trials and tribulations for these students. Now, if I was to tell them what I was planning... honestly, I think it might ruin their whole year. Knowing teenagers these days, they'd see the whole coming apocalypse thing as an excuse to ignore their studies, and I simply can't allow that. Kids these days need their hopes and dreams and goals just to get through life. They need a positive outlook on life. Negativity never helped anyone, and hell be dandered if I let these kids mope about in their doom and gloom straight up until their graduation.

Forgive my language there, I suppose I got a bit carried away.

In any case, despite my big plans for the year's end, I think I'll take a sort of personal interest in the ongoing events of the class of 1999. If they're going to be such a great big help on the day of ascension, then they deserve to enjoy the school year as much as any kids these days can enjoy school. I'll be sure of that myself.

Sitting here at my desk, I look out the window at my peaceful little town. I've had big plans for this place from the get go, and by golly I'll continue looking after this town's citizens right up until the end when I devour each and every one of them.
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