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It's good to be a girl.

OhmyGod, like this new school year is going to be so totally awesome! I'm like, super excited. I've totally updated my wardrobe, because pastels are so last year's statement, and I really really want to set a trend of my own this year. I'm not going to start doing anything like, totally crazy and start wearing all black or anything, but I'd like to make my style a little more classy this year. A little more subtle, a little less 'preschool', as Cordelia likes to call it. Which I think is like, totally mean and unfair because all I was trying to do was brighten up the generally doom-y halls of Sunnydale High. Oh well, I know I'm not the only one who appreciates my totally fabulous fashion sense, because I've only been back in school for a little while and already I've gotten three phone number requests. Like, go me!

Everyone is going to like, totally love me this year. They have to. I’ll do everything right.

Of course, the first guy was at least ten pounds overweight for his height, and the second wore glasses. Ugh. I mean, a guy can pull off the four-eyed look if he's got the right attitude, all intellectual-like, but this guy totally didn't. Oh, well. The third guy was kind of cute!

Unfortunately, I now have to go the library. Ick. But it's not so bad, because all I'm here for is to pick up a book for my new english class. The Odyssey, by Homer, some guy who wasn't even important enough to have a last name! I mean, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm all, "Listen buddy, until you get over your little identity crisis, I'm totally not reading anything you wrote! It's bound to be like, totally depressing"

Even more unfortunately, I don't have much of a say in the matter. So now I'm standing in the doorway of Sunnydale High's massive library, looking around. I'm like, so totally lost. I don't even know where to start.

Taking a tentative step inside, it suddenly occurs to me that I've never even been in here before. But hey, new experiences, a first time for everything and all that!

"Um...hello?" my voice echoes all hollow off the walls, and I'm starting to feel like, even more uber-lost now.

"Like...is there anyone here? I could really use some help..."
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