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It took me a while to get to this small place called Sunnydale. I swear, there is something terribly wrong with these American road-maps, not to mention the roads. Which, of course starts with the fact that they're all driving on the wrong side. It's the main root of the problem. But, I managed to make it, though I arrived late at night, or rather early in the morning.

I located the hotel where The Council had book a room for me. One room and a bathroom, that was it. I was supposed to go look for an apartment once everything was settled. How they expect me to do such a thing with the meager salary they're paying me, I've no idea. I think I'll just stay in this cheap room for as long as I can afford it. It's not as if I have much with me other then my suits, books, weapons and a few personal items.

Gathering my belongings I stumbled into the hotel and dropped most of it on the floor where I stood. Except of course for my suits. I couldn't let them get wrinkled. I took some time to arrange them neatly in the small closet. There was plenty of room to spare once I was done. After that I took a quick shower and let myself fall in bed. Even though I was very tired, I didn't fall asleep right away.

Here I was, finally in Sunnydale. And tomorrow I was going to see Mister Giles and my Slayer. I do hope Mister Giles received the letter The Council send him. I'd hate to be the bearer of bad news. We'd get off on the wrong foot right away and I really wouldn't want that. I'm not delusional. I know I'm going to need his help even if I'm never going to admit that to anyone but myself and even then reluctantly.

I did mange to finally fall asleep, though it was hardly a peaceful sleep. Bright and early I woke up the next morning, still tired. I showered again, got dressed in my best suit. Changed that several times. Must make a good fist impression. Managed to get something nutritious down my throat without having it come back right away and then paced around nervously until it was a descent time to arrive at the Sunnydale Library where I was told I'd be able to find Mister Giles.

Bitting my lip I look up at the large building that is known as the Sunnydale High-school. I hesitate a bit before going inside. The Council letter burning a hole in the pocket of my jacket. After asking several times I finally locate the library. Nervously I check my appearance in a nearby mirror. It's not the best, but it'll have to do. Stepping into the library I spot Mister Giles right away. Very distinguished, by all appearance calm and stable gentleman. Not at all the arrogant, unstable man The Council made him out to be and I had expect to meet. Though, I haven't actually met him yet of course. Straightening my tie I take a deep breath and walk into the library. My hand hovering over the pocket with the letter.

"Errm...Mis-Mister Giles?"
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