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Same old same old in the life of Xander L. Harris. I think I like… - Want, take, have: A Buffy season three AU game — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Want, take, have: A Buffy season three AU game

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[Oct. 20th, 2004|01:17 am]
Want, take, have: A Buffy season three AU game


Same old same old in the life of Xander L. Harris. I think I like just saying my middle initial instead of saying what my middle name really is. The more people don't know what my middle name the better. Right as I was thinking that, I heard my full name being called. "Xander Lavelle Harris? Are you here today? Or is that day dream so wonderful that you don't have time for school today?" I looked down at my desk for a second as a few girls, Cordettes, to be exact started to snicker at my middle name. "Sorry Mrs. Swanson. What was the question again?" The teacher just rolled her eyes and called on someone else. Not that I really minded much. Never liked being put on the spot.

Buff is back, I haven't seen much of her. We haven't been that hangy-outy lately. I guess Giles must have her training something fierce these days, since she got back from her little escape from everything deal in L.A. I missed her though. Good thing there was only a mere few seconds left of class. Somehow I always wanted to quote that famous Martin Luther King Jr. speach at the ringing of the last bell at the end of the day. 'Free at last, free at last...' something like that.

I went to my locker and put a few of the books that I knew I was supposed to take a looksie in for homework. More then likely they'd just be a hefty weight in my backpack. Me? Study? Not something that occurs very often. Cram sessions are the best way to go, at least in my world.

I closed my locker and slung the backpack on my shoulder. I headed to the library to see if Buff was there. Or Giles, just to see what was happening and if Buff would have a chance to spend some time with me. Hopefully, it'd be a thing, and Willow would be there too.

From: lil_ripper
2004-10-21 06:37 am (UTC)
I looked up from the book I was cataloguing, when I heard Xander come in from the hallway.

"Ahh, Xander. If you are looking for Buffy, she just left. She was feeling a little tired and so we only had a short training session today." I shifted from around the counter and came to lean on one of the tables, arms folded and a pensive expresion on my face. "I was meaning to ask you, and Willow, your opinions on whether having a 'Welcome Back to School Buffy party' would be a good idea. The last -err- hootenany we had did not go over all that well, but I feel as though we need to cheer her up a little, make her feel like she is appreciated. What do you think?"
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[User Picture]From: xanderlharris
2004-10-22 02:42 am (UTC)
I put my backpack on the counter and leaned against it. I wonder if I was ever gonna catch up with that girl.

"A welcome back party sounds cool Giles. Is it gonna be of the surprise type?"

I wondered if this idea for a party was Giles way of making up for the whole shooting Buff up with anti-super hero drugs thing.
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From: witchy__woman
2004-10-22 03:56 am (UTC)
"Oh, a surprise?" I ask, walking through the swinging doors of the library. I stop at the counter, looking up at Xander. "It's not for me is it? Cause I can pretend I didn't hear anything about a surprise. See..." I frowned slightly and blinked up at him, trying to keep my face unreadable. "What surprise? There's a surprise? Oh look, my shoe is untied. What were we talking about again? Something not-surprising?"

I took off my heavy bag and threw it down besides Xander's. I grinned at Xander and Giles. Giles looked a little grave, so I wasn't sure if a grin was the correct response, but I couldn't help it. It was a habit lately...all I had to think about was how Oz was going to see me after band practice, and how we were going to study together later and how he'd smelled when he'd pulled me near him the other day to protect me from a vamp...

I sighed and then a thought made me snap out of it. "Oh! It's for Buffy, huh? You're thinking about..." I lowered my voice to a whisper. "Something non-surprising for Buffy?"
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From: lil_ripper
2004-10-24 06:59 am (UTC)
I tried to smile when Willow entered, she was a sensitive soul, and I did not want to worry her by revealing that I was a little perturbed by Buffy's recent behaviour. Oh, I had known that things would be unsettled between us because of my actions with the Cruciamentum, but it was more than that, my watcher's instinct was telling me it ran deeper than our falling out.

"Yes, Willow. I was just asking Xander if he thought a surprise Welcome Back to School party for Buffy would be in order. It would definitely be a small informal affair this time. Lord knows we don't want a repeat of the last major party we threw in her honour. Although, perhaps it might be best if we don't make it a surprise. What if it backfires?"

I removed my glasses and rubbed my forehead with a frown.

"I am terrible at planning such things..."
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From: witchy__woman
2004-10-27 03:53 am (UTC)
"No, it's a great idea Giles!" I say. "Though you're right about maybe keeping it slow this time. I mean no one wants a reapeat of the killer mask..."

I shuddered at the thought. "Surprise is best. I mean, alright, Buffy hates surprises, but this is different! It's a party. Parties are definitely of the good."
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From: lil_ripper
2004-10-28 09:33 am (UTC)
"Excellent. I trust that you will both aid me in the organisation of the event? We need this to cheer her up, so any ideas on how to achieve that would be most welcome. Let me get in touch with Mrs Summers on the most opportune time to have the party, and then Xander and yourself can go over the details with me."

Then I sighed, remembering Snyder's earlier visit and placed my glasses back on the bridge of my nose.

"I'm afraid I may have to ask you all for another favour later. Principal Snyder has demanded I make an inventory of the entire collection of books in the library this semester. Apparently I need to justify why they should be in the library and also present a case to the board for why the school needs a full time librarian. It's a challenging task, and I do not think I can achieve it alone in the time frame he has alloted me. Can you help?"

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[User Picture]From: xanderlharris
2004-10-30 03:13 am (UTC)
"Music and snacks and a place to have it would all be good things." I grinned at both of them as I sat down at one of the tables.

Giles looked kinda stressed all of a sudden.

"Sure, whatever you think I can help ya with." I hoped helping him organise the library didn't mean I had to know that Dewey decimal system thingy... because I never did really get that.
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From: witchy__woman
2004-11-01 03:17 am (UTC)
I nod solemnly at Xander. "Oh! Are we talking nearest and dearest or something bigger? 'Cause Oz could so have the Dingoes play. Or you know it could just be him..." That would be more than good for me.

"Don't worry Giles, we'll be here to help you with the inventory. Oh! Actually this could be a good thing. We could enter all of the books into a database and catalogue them by..."

I noticed Giles' expression and stopped. "Or, you know, we could just write it down on paper and hope there's not a fire."
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