Xander (xanderlharris) wrote in want_take_have_,

Same old same old in the life of Xander L. Harris. I think I like just saying my middle initial instead of saying what my middle name really is. The more people don't know what my middle name the better. Right as I was thinking that, I heard my full name being called. "Xander Lavelle Harris? Are you here today? Or is that day dream so wonderful that you don't have time for school today?" I looked down at my desk for a second as a few girls, Cordettes, to be exact started to snicker at my middle name. "Sorry Mrs. Swanson. What was the question again?" The teacher just rolled her eyes and called on someone else. Not that I really minded much. Never liked being put on the spot.

Buff is back, I haven't seen much of her. We haven't been that hangy-outy lately. I guess Giles must have her training something fierce these days, since she got back from her little escape from everything deal in L.A. I missed her though. Good thing there was only a mere few seconds left of class. Somehow I always wanted to quote that famous Martin Luther King Jr. speach at the ringing of the last bell at the end of the day. 'Free at last, free at last...' something like that.

I went to my locker and put a few of the books that I knew I was supposed to take a looksie in for homework. More then likely they'd just be a hefty weight in my backpack. Me? Study? Not something that occurs very often. Cram sessions are the best way to go, at least in my world.

I closed my locker and slung the backpack on my shoulder. I headed to the library to see if Buff was there. Or Giles, just to see what was happening and if Buff would have a chance to spend some time with me. Hopefully, it'd be a thing, and Willow would be there too.
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