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Buffy Summers

“You want to know what is bothering me?” I asked the rather puzzled looking vamp in the bad tweed suit. I had been beating him up not for about twenty minutes and was currently I punching him repeatedly in the chest. “Come on, why don’t you just ask me. Come on Giles, just ask me what is bothering me.”

“Who are you talking too?” The vamp said right before I punched him in the face causing him to fall to the ground. Sure he looked nothing like Giles, sounded nothing like Giles, but it was close enough. I had to get this off my chest and to be honest I could not bring myself to say this to the real Giles so this vamp would have to be my Giles substitute.

“Perhaps it was because I had to kill /my/ boyfriend. You know the guy, tall, broody, killed your girlfriend. Yeah Giles I killed him right before he got his…” It was right there that the vamp made a dive for me. I did not want to stake him, I wanted to complete that sentence so bad, but I had no choice. It happened fast, the stake hit him clean in the heart and he irrupted in a plume of smoke. Damn it, what were the odds I would find another vamp in tweed tonight?

I sighed and looked at my watch and though part of me knew I was far from done with patrol I felt the sudden urge to stop by the Bronze. Maybe the gang would be there. Granted I was going to see them tomorrow at school but I felt a sudden desire to see them now. I did not know why, maybe a familiar face would have been nice even though I still was not sure what I would say to them when I saw them.

I slowly made my way to the bronze, I figured that the bronze should be on my patrol route anyway after all it seemed to be a rather popular spot for the living and dead alike, I mean there really is not much to do in Sunnydale.

When I stepped inside I half expected everyone to turn and stare at me, which of course did not happen so I just slinked in hoping to see Willow or Xander. I did not see anyone though so I made my way to the second floor and figured I would make Giles proud and try and ‘sense’ the vampires from that vantage point, use my slayer skills to find evil.

I had spent a few minutes just staring into the crowd bellow me when I sensed someone move next to me. At first I thought it was Xander but when I turned to look it was someone else, someone only vaguely familiar.

“Hi.. can I help you?” I asked feeling oddly tense.

(open to Holden and later Faith and Cordy)
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