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I know my fears control me - Want, take, have: A Buffy season three AU game — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Want, take, have: A Buffy season three AU game

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I know my fears control me [Oct. 13th, 2004|08:27 pm]
Want, take, have: A Buffy season three AU game
Got myself all set up in some rat trap called the Sunnydale Motor Inn. Fourteen bucks a day, not so bad I guess. Not that fourteen dollars a day isn't more than I actually have. Did manage to sweet talk the guy at the counter into letting me stay one night free. It's just way too easy sometimes, turn on the charm and bat the eyes, making him feel all special. Oh yeah, cake.

Gotta say one thing about Sunnyd. It's boring as fuck but you can't argue with the vamp population in this town. Seriously, spent one night out in some lame lookin' cemetary and I killed the amount of demons I woulda slayed in three nights in Boston. Kate would have loved it here, the hellmouth. Surrounded by mystical crap that she was always talkin' about. I could almost hear her voice in the back of my head, tellin' me that I needed to work on my footwork when some demon swiped my feet out from under me. Guiding me, watching me. That's what she was supposed to do after all, she was my watcher. Weird that the slayer would outlive her watcher.

Couldn't spend too long thinkin' about Kate, or else I'd get all sad and it's just wicked depressing. I prefer to take out my rage on the nearest vamp or something. Besides that I haven't done jack shit. I really needed to find this Buffy chick that I'd heard so much about. I was startin' to think she was the only thing that could help me with Ycul. Speaking of Ycul I was pretty sure he'd be one step ahead of me, probably already nesting somewhere in the Dale. It'd probaby be easy to find her, just look up Buffy Summers in the phone book or something. I mean, how many other people could be named Buffy? Kind've a lame name for a slayer, I mean that's gotta be strikin' fear into the hearts of no one.

For some reason though, I wasn't ready to come clean to my big sis in slaying. She'd probably give me a whole bunch of shit for lettin' my watcher get killed or something. I'm sure the great Buffy Summers would never let anything like that happen to her watcher. Don't get me wrong, I was gonna find her....I was just waiting or something.

Fuck it. I needed a drink, maybe some dancing and a good quality screw to get my mind off of other things. Found this pisshole little club called the Bronze a few nights ago on patrol. Figured I'd hit it up and see if I could find something fuckworthy in this town.

)(open for anyone who wants to run into the Faithness at the bronze)

From: xx_queenc_xx
2004-10-18 08:07 pm (UTC)
Nothing like a night at the Bronze with the girls and of course the football team. Won the game, guys are in a great mood. I sat down at a table, dangling my feet from the stool, looking down at my new slamming shoes. I'm looking good, well that's a given, I always do. I am joking around with some of the girls when I see this new person.

"Hey, who's she?" I holler over the music, nodding my head casually to the dark haired girl coming down the stairs. "Haven't seen her around, she from some other school? Maybe the losing team huh?" We break out in a fit of laughter and go back to sipping our drinks and gossiping. My drink was gone and I left the girls, heading up to the counter to get another, I spot that girl again. Man she's got skank written all over her, and I thought Buffy had some horrid outfits. Leather? Please that's so like... biker overdone.

"Thanks." I smile at the guy at the counter as he hands me my drink. I never pay for anything here, just flirt my way through it. Besides most of them knew me from my cheerleading outfit. I smirk and head back through the crowd.
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[User Picture]From: wickedslayer
2004-10-18 11:29 pm (UTC)
This Bronze place was the kickinest joint in the Dale, which really wasn't sayin' very much. Boston had this place beat all over the place with clubs and bars. Though I gotta say, Sunnyd's got the title on baddest vamps. Least it's got one good thing goin' for it. Wouldn't want a bored slayer after all.

Walking through the crowd I kept tryin' to decide what to do first. Drink and a dance? Maybe in that order? I mean, highest priority tonight was finding someone to fuck. It's been a little while and a girl's got needs, dig? Sides I gotta have a little fun, only so much Oprah I can watch in that crappy little hotel room.

Halfway through the crowd a hot lookin' brunette slams straight into me, her drink spilling all over the two of us. Least I knew she wasn't Buffy. This girl had no slayer grace at all.

"Watch it." I warned her, dark eyes drinking her in. Well hello Miss Future Centerfold.
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From: xx_queenc_xx
2004-10-19 12:00 am (UTC)
Watch it.

I look at the drink now spilled on my top and arm, then I look up at the girl who tells me to watch it.

"Me watch it?" I ask her strangely. "How about you watch where you're going. My top alone has to be worth more than... well, you. So you watch it." I set the glass down on the counter and give her a groan, wiping my arm and heading for the bathroom to clean up.

"The nerve of that skanky girl, bumping into me..." I grumble as I grab paper towels and wash off my arm and wipe down my top. "Acting like she owns this place and then trying to blame me for running into her, please, leather queen needs to step off." I throw the towels into the garbage can and turn around.
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From: prodigal_slayer
2004-10-20 03:33 am (UTC)
I raised an eyebrow at the hot and mouthy little brunette giving me the death glare. Bitch did not just say that. Oh she did. Fuck. I was torn between threatening her or hitting on her. I couldn't tell if I was more pissed off or turned on. Damn, I hated when that happened.

"Bitch." I muttered as she turned around and flounced off. Looking down I realized I had whatever she was drinking spilled on my clothes.

Oh well, I still looked wicked hot. With a shrug, I headed back into the throng of dancers on the dance floor.
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