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After Mister Giles had called me to inform me that he had located my Slayer, Miss Hanley, I was quite relieved. Oddly enough I had started to worry about her, since it took her so very long to show up. Letting out breath I didn't even know I was holding in, I placed the telephone back on the receiver and go ready to make my way over to this highshool.

It was quite difficult to find anything there. Just as it had been bloody difficult to find the library when I first arrived at this blasted school. Yelling youngsters everywhere, not to mention rude youngsters. Americans really ought to taken an example from English schools. Nice, orderly and the children were polite. Unlike these rude children. I had to ask several of them the way to this cafeteria. Of course by the time I arrived there, everyone was already gone.

I've no idea where Mister Giles went, or the Slayers. All I know was this dismissal behavior was just typical. It certainly gave me an idea about why Mister Giles was put on probation by the council. Pushing up my glasses, I sighed and made my way back to my hotel room. Having no idea of where Mister Giles lived and not having found him in the library I need to figure out what to do now.

Phone-books are very useful.

After finally figuring out his address, I waited until I was almost certain he would be at home. And that I wouldn't be disturbing him while he had dinner. Oddly enough I hardly had funds to get myself some dinner. Just lunch would have to suffice for now. Slightly nervous, though I had no idea why, I walked over to the door of his house. I smoothed out my suit, my hair, made certain my glasses were clean and knocked on his door.

(Open for Giles of course)

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“Where is your boyfriend?” The vampire in the leather jacket said right before I punched him in the face.

Faith and I had been on patrol for the last two hours; mostly we exchanged a little banter here and there about slaying and watchers and such, nothing of any real depth. For the most part I was feeling a little nervous, wondering if Faith was watching me fight silently critiquing my style, form, and contemplating how she would do things differently. Maybe I was just being paranoid than again I was doing the exact same thing to her.

This vamp, this stupid biker wannabe vampire changed all that. His stupid question asking about Angel was enough to distract me from Faith, from patrol, from life in general. I could no longer care what this new slayer chick thought all I cared about was beating this stupid smug vamp until all the hate and anger melted away.

I do not know just how long I had beat this stupid vamp but by time I finally staked him I was actually sore and a little tired, both body, mind and soul. I just sat on the ground where I had staked him and stared at the dirt, I was sick of this, sick of everything and to be honest I was tempted to turn to Faith and say ‘Hey you be the Slayer now.. I quit’.

I did not though, too much drama is bad for the soul so I just stood up like the trooper I was and turned to Faith like nothing weird had happened.

“Hey I think that is enough for the night, what about you?”

(Open to Faith)
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Buffy did the patrolling thing again last night. I honestly don't know if I'll ever be able to get used to the idea of her being out there, actively seeking and being sought by things from nightmares and fairytales. I almost wished for the days when I thought that she was taking history classes with that college guy. Angel? Odd name...and I know they weren't just history classes, but I really think worrying about whether she's passing class was much easier to handle than worry about whether she'll be getting home alive.

I know that she managed to survive summer alone, but that just makes me all the more 'overbearing mom'. She's my little girl, and she's growing up so fast. She hasn't been able to have a normal schooling. She did come home and pretend to do her homework though, which was reassuring. She seemed in a funny mood, but I just put that down to the being back at school-ness of it all.

I just wished I could be around her more, at the school more, to make sure that Mr Giles wasn't pushing the Slayer side of things too strongly, and that cretin Synder wasn't putting too much pressure on my Buffy. Sitting around in the gallery all day, it was nice, I enjoyed my work, and running my own business, filled with things that fascinated me, but the shine was gone. All the sudden changes over summer, that thing in my bedroom killing off half of Buffy's party guests, the realisation that Buffy wasn't a normal girl anymore...the world had rotated around me and I couldn't just breeze through smiling like I used to do.

But what could I do to help? I'll always be there for Buffy as her mom and hopefully as her friend, and I know that Xander and Willow look out for her. Was being this helpless about your daughter growing up normal? I wished I knew more parents in Sunnydale...
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We grew up fast and we grew up alone

So I finally met the infamous B.

Chick was cool, for real. Not to mention wicked cute in that bleached blond way that just makes you think she's about two steps away from bein' a cheerleader. Name like Buffy, valley girl hair, perky rack. Yep, always keep 'em guessin', that's my philosphy. Could see that B digs that way of lookin' at things too. Cause if you don't know she's the slayer, she looked all harmless.

I should've known it was her when I caught her staring at me in the Bronze. In my defense I was kinda sidetracked by my run in with Stickfigure Barbie. That girl was a serious bitch by the way, got my blood flowin' in all the wrong and right places. Anyway, I shoulda known it was B right away, cause I felt something...weird. Like almost drawn to her or like a wicked sense of de ja vous. I couldn't even explain it if I wanted to, but I never felt that drawn to anyone in my whole life.

Buffy was headin' out on patrol after we got our introductions outta the way. So I tagged along and we made a giant pile of dust out of some nest of nasties that were holed up in the cemetary. Hellmouth vamps? They make the vampires back home look like kittens, for real. I already knew this was gonna be the town for me. My town. Well me and Buffy's town.

B had to bail after awhile sayin' something about homework. Homework? Makes me glad I dropped out when I did, because I'm pretty sure I remembered hatin' homework. 'Sides I was the a slayer now, I didn't need school to tell me how to kill demons.

Buffy told me to come meet her watcher Giles, after her classes the next day. So where do I find myself after sleeping til noon and then laying around in my room and watching Jerry Springer? Walkin' in the front door of Sunnydale High School. Now where the fuck was the library? Wandering the hallways I wondered why B wanted me to come say hey to Giles. Not that I really cared, but it was gettin' dangerously close to time for me to come clean about what I was doin' here. Had to get help, needed Buff to lend a slayer a hand with killing that Ycul fuck.

Finally I found the door that said library over it. "This is the place." I muttered before pushing in through the doors and looking around.

"Uh...hey? Anyone here?" Sauntering into the middle of the room I saw a table, and leapt up so that I was sitting on it, both legs dangling over the edge. Buffy was the kinda chick who obviously liked to keep 'em waiting.

Good, old fashioned rule days

Well, it seems that we've come to the beginning of the last school year my dear Sunnydale will ever see. By the time these youngsters get ready to collect their diplomas, well... they may just notice a change in the air. That change would be the coming of hell on Earth, of course, and the great future those kids will have to look forward to will be providing me with the steam to keep my demon engine running during the ascension.

On a slightly ironic note, the day that Sunnydale is destroyed, there will be no sun at all. Now I don't mean that the papers are predicting any bad weather. No, there's no word on the forecast for graduation day, but there will be this nifty solar eclipse that will take the sunshine out of Sunnydale. See, I knew that when I founded this town a hundred years ago, so I thought that Sunnydale would be a clever name for the place. That was downright witty of me, if I do say so myself. I'm sure when it dawns on the class of '99, they'll pause in their abject terror to enjoy a light chuckle at that one. I almost wish I could tell them the joke now, just so that they remember to laugh.

Of course, there's a whole school year ahead of these tikes, with each day chock full of it's own little trials and tribulations for these students. Now, if I was to tell them what I was planning... honestly, I think it might ruin their whole year. Knowing teenagers these days, they'd see the whole coming apocalypse thing as an excuse to ignore their studies, and I simply can't allow that. Kids these days need their hopes and dreams and goals just to get through life. They need a positive outlook on life. Negativity never helped anyone, and hell be dandered if I let these kids mope about in their doom and gloom straight up until their graduation.

Forgive my language there, I suppose I got a bit carried away.

In any case, despite my big plans for the year's end, I think I'll take a sort of personal interest in the ongoing events of the class of 1999. If they're going to be such a great big help on the day of ascension, then they deserve to enjoy the school year as much as any kids these days can enjoy school. I'll be sure of that myself.

Sitting here at my desk, I look out the window at my peaceful little town. I've had big plans for this place from the get go, and by golly I'll continue looking after this town's citizens right up until the end when I devour each and every one of them.

It's good to be a girl.

OhmyGod, like this new school year is going to be so totally awesome! I'm like, super excited. I've totally updated my wardrobe, because pastels are so last year's statement, and I really really want to set a trend of my own this year. I'm not going to start doing anything like, totally crazy and start wearing all black or anything, but I'd like to make my style a little more classy this year. A little more subtle, a little less 'preschool', as Cordelia likes to call it. Which I think is like, totally mean and unfair because all I was trying to do was brighten up the generally doom-y halls of Sunnydale High. Oh well, I know I'm not the only one who appreciates my totally fabulous fashion sense, because I've only been back in school for a little while and already I've gotten three phone number requests. Like, go me!

Everyone is going to like, totally love me this year. They have to. I’ll do everything right.

Of course, the first guy was at least ten pounds overweight for his height, and the second wore glasses. Ugh. I mean, a guy can pull off the four-eyed look if he's got the right attitude, all intellectual-like, but this guy totally didn't. Oh, well. The third guy was kind of cute!

Unfortunately, I now have to go the library. Ick. But it's not so bad, because all I'm here for is to pick up a book for my new english class. The Odyssey, by Homer, some guy who wasn't even important enough to have a last name! I mean, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm all, "Listen buddy, until you get over your little identity crisis, I'm totally not reading anything you wrote! It's bound to be like, totally depressing"

Even more unfortunately, I don't have much of a say in the matter. So now I'm standing in the doorway of Sunnydale High's massive library, looking around. I'm like, so totally lost. I don't even know where to start.

Taking a tentative step inside, it suddenly occurs to me that I've never even been in here before. But hey, new experiences, a first time for everything and all that!

"Um...hello?" my voice echoes all hollow off the walls, and I'm starting to feel like, even more uber-lost now.

"Like...is there anyone here? I could really use some help..."
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It took me a while to get to this small place called Sunnydale. I swear, there is something terribly wrong with these American road-maps, not to mention the roads. Which, of course starts with the fact that they're all driving on the wrong side. It's the main root of the problem. But, I managed to make it, though I arrived late at night, or rather early in the morning.

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Bitting my lip I look up at the large building that is known as the Sunnydale High-school. I hesitate a bit before going inside. The Council letter burning a hole in the pocket of my jacket. After asking several times I finally locate the library. Nervously I check my appearance in a nearby mirror. It's not the best, but it'll have to do. Stepping into the library I spot Mister Giles right away. Very distinguished, by all appearance calm and stable gentleman. Not at all the arrogant, unstable man The Council made him out to be and I had expect to meet. Though, I haven't actually met him yet of course. Straightening my tie I take a deep breath and walk into the library. My hand hovering over the pocket with the letter.

"Errm...Mis-Mister Giles?"
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Same old same old in the life of Xander L. Harris. I think I like just saying my middle initial instead of saying what my middle name really is. The more people don't know what my middle name the better. Right as I was thinking that, I heard my full name being called. "Xander Lavelle Harris? Are you here today? Or is that day dream so wonderful that you don't have time for school today?" I looked down at my desk for a second as a few girls, Cordettes, to be exact started to snicker at my middle name. "Sorry Mrs. Swanson. What was the question again?" The teacher just rolled her eyes and called on someone else. Not that I really minded much. Never liked being put on the spot.

Buff is back, I haven't seen much of her. We haven't been that hangy-outy lately. I guess Giles must have her training something fierce these days, since she got back from her little escape from everything deal in L.A. I missed her though. Good thing there was only a mere few seconds left of class. Somehow I always wanted to quote that famous Martin Luther King Jr. speach at the ringing of the last bell at the end of the day. 'Free at last, free at last...' something like that.

I went to my locker and put a few of the books that I knew I was supposed to take a looksie in for homework. More then likely they'd just be a hefty weight in my backpack. Me? Study? Not something that occurs very often. Cram sessions are the best way to go, at least in my world.

I closed my locker and slung the backpack on my shoulder. I headed to the library to see if Buff was there. Or Giles, just to see what was happening and if Buff would have a chance to spend some time with me. Hopefully, it'd be a thing, and Willow would be there too.

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“You want to know what is bothering me?” I asked the rather puzzled looking vamp in the bad tweed suit. I had been beating him up not for about twenty minutes and was currently I punching him repeatedly in the chest. “Come on, why don’t you just ask me. Come on Giles, just ask me what is bothering me.”

“Who are you talking too?” The vamp said right before I punched him in the face causing him to fall to the ground. Sure he looked nothing like Giles, sounded nothing like Giles, but it was close enough. I had to get this off my chest and to be honest I could not bring myself to say this to the real Giles so this vamp would have to be my Giles substitute.

“Perhaps it was because I had to kill /my/ boyfriend. You know the guy, tall, broody, killed your girlfriend. Yeah Giles I killed him right before he got his…” It was right there that the vamp made a dive for me. I did not want to stake him, I wanted to complete that sentence so bad, but I had no choice. It happened fast, the stake hit him clean in the heart and he irrupted in a plume of smoke. Damn it, what were the odds I would find another vamp in tweed tonight?

I sighed and looked at my watch and though part of me knew I was far from done with patrol I felt the sudden urge to stop by the Bronze. Maybe the gang would be there. Granted I was going to see them tomorrow at school but I felt a sudden desire to see them now. I did not know why, maybe a familiar face would have been nice even though I still was not sure what I would say to them when I saw them.

I slowly made my way to the bronze, I figured that the bronze should be on my patrol route anyway after all it seemed to be a rather popular spot for the living and dead alike, I mean there really is not much to do in Sunnydale.

When I stepped inside I half expected everyone to turn and stare at me, which of course did not happen so I just slinked in hoping to see Willow or Xander. I did not see anyone though so I made my way to the second floor and figured I would make Giles proud and try and ‘sense’ the vampires from that vantage point, use my slayer skills to find evil.

I had spent a few minutes just staring into the crowd bellow me when I sensed someone move next to me. At first I thought it was Xander but when I turned to look it was someone else, someone only vaguely familiar.

“Hi.. can I help you?” I asked feeling oddly tense.

(open to Holden and later Faith and Cordy)

I know my fears control me

Got myself all set up in some rat trap called the Sunnydale Motor Inn. Fourteen bucks a day, not so bad I guess. Not that fourteen dollars a day isn't more than I actually have. Did manage to sweet talk the guy at the counter into letting me stay one night free. It's just way too easy sometimes, turn on the charm and bat the eyes, making him feel all special. Oh yeah, cake.

Gotta say one thing about Sunnyd. It's boring as fuck but you can't argue with the vamp population in this town. Seriously, spent one night out in some lame lookin' cemetary and I killed the amount of demons I woulda slayed in three nights in Boston. Kate would have loved it here, the hellmouth. Surrounded by mystical crap that she was always talkin' about. I could almost hear her voice in the back of my head, tellin' me that I needed to work on my footwork when some demon swiped my feet out from under me. Guiding me, watching me. That's what she was supposed to do after all, she was my watcher. Weird that the slayer would outlive her watcher.

Couldn't spend too long thinkin' about Kate, or else I'd get all sad and it's just wicked depressing. I prefer to take out my rage on the nearest vamp or something. Besides that I haven't done jack shit. I really needed to find this Buffy chick that I'd heard so much about. I was startin' to think she was the only thing that could help me with Ycul. Speaking of Ycul I was pretty sure he'd be one step ahead of me, probably already nesting somewhere in the Dale. It'd probaby be easy to find her, just look up Buffy Summers in the phone book or something. I mean, how many other people could be named Buffy? Kind've a lame name for a slayer, I mean that's gotta be strikin' fear into the hearts of no one.

For some reason though, I wasn't ready to come clean to my big sis in slaying. She'd probably give me a whole bunch of shit for lettin' my watcher get killed or something. I'm sure the great Buffy Summers would never let anything like that happen to her watcher. Don't get me wrong, I was gonna find her....I was just waiting or something.

Fuck it. I needed a drink, maybe some dancing and a good quality screw to get my mind off of other things. Found this pisshole little club called the Bronze a few nights ago on patrol. Figured I'd hit it up and see if I could find something fuckworthy in this town.

)(open for anyone who wants to run into the Faithness at the bronze)