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freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

CSIM + HP cast + song lyrics

okay, so i was going to post these yesterday... *looks at watch, says 1:18 am* ...but my mom ambushed me and i couldn't really get to my laptop until just a couple hours ago. but hey, better late than never, i say.

see? i told you CSIM would be back! ^_^ and here are those "hand, foot and wand" ceremony icons i've been promising for ages, along with some more lyric icons. as far as coloring goes, i tried some weird stuff with these, mixing channel mixer layers with brown exclusion and luminosity, and i think it shows in the (very funky) results. *shrugs* hey, i like them, at least xD

next batch will see to it that i make some emma & rupert icons from the french photocall/premiere, probably. maybe more OotP. expect more CSIM as well, there are a couple of calleigh screencaps that are dying to be iconed-- and my list of CSIM pics overall is still quite long, at that. dunno what else, depends on my mood.

58 icons, and 20 graphics total...

_12 csi miami (calleigh, ryan, horatio, ryan/calleigh, eric)
_2 header-sized csi miami graphics (both ryan/calleigh)
_18 HP cast (the trio, rupert/emma, dan/emma, emma, rupert & dan, rupert) + variations
_6 header-sized HP cast graphics (rupert/emma, emma, dan/emma, the trio) + variations
_11 song lyrics icons

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plugging!: a rather indecent proposal, my post-DH, ron/luna fanfic.
freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

celebrating rebuild (+HP +text icons)

*sigh* not feeling very well at the moment, so i won't say much. just that i saw both EVA rebuild trailers (they were, as someone said on youtube, a "visual orgasm"), and HAD to icon. and make a wallpaper. and page layouts. and read fanfiction. and buy director's cuts DVDs. and submit my life to EVA all over again. anyway, funkeh coloring is back: watch out for teh shinehs.

also some HP, just because. i'm watching the PS/SS movie right now... awww, chibi!trio, they're so cute =3 and rupert grint totally wins at life. he's so perfect as ickle ronniekins.

and i had the urge to make some lyric text icons, so i set my itunes on shuffle and iconed a bunch of songs that came on. the names of the songs and bands can be found at the bottom.

74 icons, 5 graphics and 1 wallpaper total...

_17 HP&OotP & cast (harry, trio, rupert from "driving lessons", hermione, h/hr, the DA, rupert/emma, r/hr, harry+neville+ron) + variations
_2 header-sized HP&OotP graphics (h/hr, the trio) + variations
_21 song lyrics icons
_29 neon genesis evangelion (rei+shinji+asuka, shinji/asuka, shinji, kaji/misato, rei, shinji/rei, misato, kaworu, asuka & rei, kaworu/shinji, kensuke & rei, asuka, touji/hikari) + variations
_1 neon genesis evangelion wallpaper (rei, shinji, asuka & their EVAs)
_1 header-sized evangelion graphic (chibis rei, shinji & asuka)

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