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shaman king manga icons!


so, this is what i've been doing all week... reading shaman king manga. at last! though maybe my time would've been better spent studying for all the tests i had this week, or working on all the projects i still have pending... naaaaaah. mankin is better =P i'm up to chapter 214 now, so you can imagine you'll find some spoilers for basically the first 3/4 of the actual shaman fight. but really, if you haven't read the manga, you definitely should! i cannot tell you how much it rules. you MUST read it! anyway, i was going to wait until i was done to post this, but i figured i wouldn't have much time to read tomorrow or sunday (see above re: projects), so i decided to just post them now. if i make any more, i'll probably post them during the week.

i wanted to do more horohoro icons =/ but sadly, he doesn't seem to get really good panels in the manga. anna, on the other hand, is crazy hard to icon, because her complexion is just so fair-- but she gets all the awesome panels! crazy... so some of these i love (i shall go and snog my faust icons when i'm done posting this), and some i hate, but i'm just so excited about the manga that i don't even care xD

_15 shaman king manga (hao, ren, lyserg, faust, eliza, yoh, anna, horo, redseb, yoh/anna) + many variations
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