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hey, guys! happy new year! i hope you're all feeling well and relaxed after so much partying ^.^

the arrival of 2007 means that the order of the phoenix movie is just around the corner =3 i've been watching some of the "sneak peeks" that have aired here and there and of course, i couldn't resist from making HP icons. it's all GoF this time 'round, because during the break i watched the movie like ten times with ten different people and in like every language xD not really, just english and spanish. they finally gave harry a deep voice in the dub, yay! =B

i also got a new laptop with a widescreen, so i had to make a new wallpaper for myself and i made it out of that lovely GoF classroom photoshoot pic of the trio, basically following cokeandmint's excellent tutorial step by step. that is some lovely coloring. anyway, i thought you might like some icons from the wallpaper, so here you have them. just remember that all the credit goes to cokeandmint because i could never have stumbled upon such lovely coloring by myself ^_______^

also when i got to panama i noticed that i'd never actually finished watching the saint seiya hades chapter OVAs. it's quite funny, really, i've had them for over a year and haven't gone past the fifth one, i think. well, the whole thing just took me back to the saint seiya fandom and here's the result. i guess there could be some spoilers here and there, since most of the images ARE from the hades chapter, so be careful there.

style-wise, this is a very diverse batch. some of them have lots of lighten layers and light textures, while others are topped by a darken layer, and in others i've used selective coloring over selective coloring. i don't know, i guess there's not a general direction in this batch, but i actually rather like it for some reason ^-^

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