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freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

CSIM + hannah montana + real madrid

...ever made icons just for the sake of making icons? that's how this batch started. then, real madrid won the spanish league championship yesterday and my inspiration came back in a flash =D which is probably the reason why i looooove the real madrid icons, even if i think the CSIM & HM icons are completely sucky. of course, that could be that i'm just biased because MADRID QUEDO CAMPEON!! LA CIBELES ESTA DE FIESTA, SEÑORAS Y SEÑORES!! yeaaaaaahhhh xD

i was going to make some more CSIM header-sized stuff... it just didn't happen. but wait for it, because it'll come with the next batch. there's too little R/C in this one and i'm about to go into withdrawal ^^;;;

102 icons total...

_14 csi miami & cast (horatio/marisol, eric, horatio, calleigh, FRANK TRIPP!, emily procter, ryan/calleigh) + variations
_24 hannah montana & cast (miley & lilly, miley, hannah, hannah & lola, miley+lilly+oliver, oliver/lilly, oliver, lilly) + variations
_37 real madrid vs. mallorca match & the victory celebration (iker, michel, higuain, ruud, raul, guti, sergio ramos, roberto carlos & david, cannavaro, diarra, fernando gago, various celebration shots) + variations

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