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freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

champloo + CSIM + psych + HP header-sized

hmmmm. suddenly, i got the urge to make champloo icons. sadly, i don't have that many great champloo images. so there's only three of them. suuuuucks =/

more psych! pretty uninspired... (oh, and BTW, i screencapped the whole of psych 01.15-- scary sherry, bianca's toast-- in case anyone's interested. it's my new favorite episode xD) more CSIM, this time from 04.04 - "48 hours to life"; hah, i actually like these graphics. the HP graphics are based on my colorings from this batch, if only because i loved the photocall images.

the ron icons... uh, need i say which was my favorite part of deathly hallows? i SO wish the character poster for the seventh movie has ron in a similar position. because he is just AWESOME like that =3 when i read the book, i told myself i HAD to make me an icon like this. i was actually going to keep the icons to myself (mine, MINE! *wrestles*) but i figured other ron fans might like them and heck, the boy needs more lovin' in this fandom (or at least in MY side of the fandom), so it couldn't hurt. everybody, show your LUVV for king weasley!! ^.^

this post is VERY image-heavy. you've been warned.

36 icons, and 33 graphics total...

_3 champloo | fuu, jin
_17 psych | juliet, shawn, shawn/jules, shawn & gus, lassy
_12 csi miami | eric, ryan/calleigh, calleigh, ryan
_6 csi miami header-sized graphics | ryan/calleigh, calleigh
_1 harry potter | ron --> WARNING! DH SPOILER! | +variations
_13 harry potter header-sized graphics | the DA, ron, the trio (actors) | +variations

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freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

multifandom like whoa!

...well, as far as fandoms go, this one's a doozy.

first there's some psych, to celebrate season 2 finally airing here in september! (you guys up @ the north are lucky that you're already getting it... *sigh*). not much to comment on these; most of them are kind of busy, but some i really like.

the house icons came out of the blue. and they're pretty simple. the exact opposite of busy, in fact; perhaps too empty. go figure. but again, some of them i do honestly like a lot. like the chase/cam icons. because i'm SO in denial about jessifer's break-up. mass hallucination, i tell you! it's all a conspiracy! *cries*

we have some more CSIM, from 04.03, "prey." do you realize i'm only three episodes into season 4, as far as my icon-making from my saved caps goes? that means i still have to go through all my caps of seasons 4 and 5 to be done with my CSIM to-icon list. it's crazy. i also made some graphics, including a calleigh one in the style of my "burn, baby, burn" horatio graphic. hmmm, maybe i should start a series with all the characters...

and about the HP... more like emma watson, really. i know i said i'd make some rupert & emma from the french OotP photocall/premiere, but the caps from emma @ the today show were first on the list and i didn't remember. i don't much care for iconing only emma, but i have to admit she makes some gorgeous icons. and anyway, i couldn't help making some trio graphics as well. those of you who have the comm friended might recognize one of them ;)

and lastly, last week i finally caught up with the bleach manga, and i felt somewhat compelled to color some of it. i wasn't going to make icons of that but i figured i could just cut & resize since they were already colored ^^;;; so here you have 'em.

89 icons, and 8 graphics total...

_12 bleach manga (possible spoilers for recent chapters! ulquiorra, orihime, shirosaki, ichigo, ichihime, ishida, nejibana, noitora, szayeru, szayeru & ishida, ulquihime)
_11 csi miami (calleigh, ryan/calleigh, ryan, natalia, eric/calleigh, eric) + variations
_4 header-sized csi miami graphics (ryan/calleigh, natalia, calleigh) + variations
_11 house MD (cameron, house, chase/cameron, cuddy, house/cuddy, the ducklings) + variations
_10 emma watson (from the today show & russian elle girl) + variations
_2 header-sized HP&OotP graphics (the trio in and out of character)
_7 HP&OotP & cast (from the graphics)
_23 psych (shawn, gus, juliet, shawn/juliet) + variations
_1 psych wallpaper (the whole cast from the season 2 promos)

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