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freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

is there a dr. house in the house?

first off, we have a shiny new layout here at wakizashi_! pretty, isn't it? i love the color scheme xDDD

so here we have some house because the promo pics are pretty, AND then i found nightfall_icons's lovely chase/cameron caps. in retrospect, i shouldn't have started from 1.01; the quality is just so bad. not the caps, of course (*loves and worships nightfall_icons*) but the episode itself. it's all so blurry and the colors are so blah. hell to icon, i tell you. BUT, i couldn't resist chase and that gorgeous hair of his.

the wallpaper featuring ron was made in honor of his birthday on march 1st. if you like it, you should head over to heart, mind & soul because we're having a ron-fest through the whole month of march!

the robin hood wallpapers are based on the new layout & profile layout for my LJ @ girls_are_weird. the second one will probably make robin/marian shippers want to cry-- i know it did to me, while i had it as MY wallpaper-- and i'm sorry about that, but i did love that scene, regardless of the insane plot twists that followed suit. *shrug*

the persona 3 wallpaper, that one i made for my little cousin as a request. i'm not part of that fandom, i don't play the game, and whatever i know of it is only peripheral, through my brother & cousin. the wall was custom, so that's why i only bothered saving it in one resolution. sorry to the widescreen users =(

and lastly, the jesse/jen wall... let's not talk about that, shall we? *SOBSOB*

in other news... lookie, i have text! how exciting xDDD and i seem to have rediscovered scribbly text brushes. wow.

for next time? way more chase/cameron, if the obsession still holds. because i've only iconed 1.01, which means i'm JUST getting started.

4 wallpapers, 16 header-sized graphics & 82 icons total...

_1 harry potter wallpaper
| ron
_1 persona 3 wallpaper | minato
_2 robin hood wallpaper | robin/marian, the outlaws
_5 robin hood icons | from the robin/marian wallpaper
_53 house md icons | house, cameron, wilson, chase, cuddy, chase/cameron from the season 4 promos, and then more chase/cameron from episode 1 | + variations
_7 house md header-sized graphics | chase/cameron, cameron | + variations
_1 house md cast wallpaper | jesse/jennifer
_10 house md cast icons | from the wallpaper

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pluggage!: made tonight, my chase/cameron fic.