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HP + HP cast + part 2 of the ginormous naruto icon post

before i say anything else:

any fandom, anytime. just anything goes.

please, do participate. it'll be fun, and i really want new friends ^_^

as for this batch-- more naruto, like i said the last time. this is basically a lot of sakura and kakashi, though there are some pairings and a some crack & SD thrown in there. background textures by SwearToShakeItUp. i also made another naruto wallpaper, this time based on my new layout for the naruto het fanfiction fanlisting; it includes all the young nins from the four main konoha teams, plus sai. the HP icons are mostly from the cast-- rupert and emma from the paris photocall.

a little fact: many of these are actually PSP/GIMP compliant. i didn't use as much selective coloring as i usually do. like the last time, there are channel mixer layers galore. i'm not completely happy with this batch, but it'll do. at least i got it out of my system.

53 icons total...

_1 HP&OotP | harry
_16 HP cast | rupert/emma, emma, rupert | + variations
_32 naruto + naruto shippuuden | sakura, naruto, sasusaku, narusaku, itasaku, kakashi, kakanaru, kakasaku
_1 naruto wallpaper | the young nins from the 4 konoha teams (including sai)

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the ginormous naruto icon post, part 1

EEEEEEE!! *is hyper*

so i've spent the better part of a week downloading naruto caps/images. i swear, by now my naruto images folder is even bigger than my CSI miami one. and that is saying A LOT. so much, it's not even funny...

so YOSH! here you have the first of what will be many naruto batches. expect more of these soon, i haven't even gone through a quarter of my pics. as for characters, this batch is mostly of the BOYS because they're HOTT~! seriously, GOSH, even kiba's hot when he takes that horrendous hood off. even kankurou's hot, without the face paint. EVEN LEE'S... uh, actually, lee's just lee. but we love him for it xD there's also some sakura, and if you squint you might even find the other four girlies in there somewhere. more characters coming soon! (jesus, i even downloaded kimimaro caps. if that doesn't say that i'll icon ANYTHING, i don't know what does).

never you mind the random pairings i conjured up for this batch. i only made those icons because the characters were standing next to each other and BECAUSE I CAN KTHNX =3 i am so made of win.

as for style, witness the ultimate greatness that is the CHANNEL MIXER LAYER! *trumpets* it is definitely god's (adobe's?) gift to icon-makers everywhere. now, some of these icons are plain, and blah, and getting worse the more i stare at them... but some of them are gorgeous enough that i might kidnap them and have my wicked way with them. so yeah, you get all of them anyways since i'm not feeling like picking the weeds out. *shrugs*

IN THE NEXT BATCH-- uh, definitely more naruto. errr, yeah. YOSH! *good guy pose* n____n

92 icons total...

_80 naruto + naruto shippuuden | naruto, sasunaru, chouji, sasuke, kakashi, gaara, yondaime, neji, shino, shinohina, shikachouji, asuma, temari, gai, team 7, inochouji, inosaku, hinata, inoneji, leetenten, team 10, shikamaru, leesaku, kibahina, shikaino, shikatema, inotema, sakura, sasusaku | + 1 variation
_1 naruto wallpaper | team 7, including kakashi
_11 icons from the wallpaper

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bleach + evangelion + harry potter + naruto

[x-posted] all over the place.

oof. small batch, and i don't really like it, but i have no time to scrap it and start over because i'll be terribly busy at LEAST until friday, maybe even after that. BUT! i hope you feel better about it than i do. so here you go! ^-^

_5 bleach (ishida, hitsugaya, ulquiorra, that little arrancar girl...)
_10 evangelion (shinji/asuka, kaworu, rei & asuka, gendo/yui, the children) + many variations
_4 harry potter & OotP (trio, da-- mostly text)
_5 naruto (gaara, naruto, sakura, neji) + many variations

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HP + hannah montana + naruto

[x-posted] all over the place.

yo, people. it's been a while, eh? ^^;;; i don't have an excuse, not really, just the usual stress with classes and so my iconing muse decided to go on a vacation to tahiti and came back yesterday #_# lol. so here's a rather large batch, considering i've only been working on it for two days.

don't ask me where my newfound love for hannah montana came from. i don't even know. i'd seen the show before and didn't like it much-- the acting wasn't that great and the jokes were kinda dumb-- but this weekend i saw one episode ("oops! i meddled again" if i'm not mistaken) and my mind did a 180. now i do like it, enough to get me to make icons about it (which usually means i like it a lot)! so here you have a bunch, mostly the three amigos, with some oliver/lilly thrown for my fellow fans of the pairing (all three of us out there =P). most of the images come from mitchel-musso.com.

in celebration of the new harry potter & the OotP trailer, i bring you a couple of HP icons. want to know a secret? i haven't actually seen the whole trailer. my computer's in its dying days and it won't let me play any video files properly, so i haven't been able to download it. so i've only been able to catch snippets of it in various TV clips (like the kiss... *shudder* my roommates think i'm going nuts because every time i see it i start shaking my head so badly it gives THEM a headache. really, they should be used to it by now, just laugh at poor little me who takes a book series so close to heart...). i'm going to camp out at my living room tomorrow (errr... later today) to watch ABC family's HP marathon and then get the trailer and all the "inside the movie" segments they show. but for now, here you have a few icons from the promo shots.

and last but not least, i made a naruto wallpaper for myself last week and decided to share it with you guys. the fanart used for it is most definitely not mine! i couldn't draw that well if my life depended on it. it's actually a drawing by aimo, who is a wonderful, WONDERFUL artist, and i just realized i haven't actually asked for permission to post it (it's 3 am... give me a break here @_@), so aimo, if you're reading this and would like me to take the wallpaper and icons down, just say the word and it'll be done! *salutes* anyway, i also made a bunch of icons from the wallpaper, and here you have them. background texture is from hybrid genesis and the brushes are by miggy and 77words. the kanji (japanese signs) say "konoha 12" or something along those lines... (i guess it's closer to "12 people from konoha") it represents the four genins that are the main cast of the series. the quote to the right of the kanji are sandaime hokage's last words, about the future and how konohagakure would flourish again, and i thought it fit the konoha 12 very well, since they ARE basically the future of the village. hope you like.

_15 hannah montana & cast (trio, miley & lilly, oliver/lilly, mitchel/emily, oliver/miley, oliver)
_4 harry potter & OotP (ron/luna, harry/hermione, the DA)
_22 naruto + 1 wallpaper (the 12 konoha genin + their jounin instructors)

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tutorial #6-- hero

hey, all! darkeyedwolf asked me to make a tutorial for one of the icons in this batch, explaining how to work with difference layers, those wonderful favorites of mine. not one specific icon was requested (did i sound like lawyer right there?) and so i decided to-- *coughcoughshamelesslycoughcough*-- go with my favorite icon out of the whole bunch. and so i shall tell you in detail HOW I MADE TEH OBITO ICON! *thunder* ^^;;;

teh icon:

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naruto icons! yay!

[x-posted] everywhere, as always.

ah, i've been kinda dead lately but i'm back! (or at least for now ^^;;; i'll probably have to disappear again soon, schoolwork's just crazy with all these lab reports). anyway, as always, new fandom = new icons. here you have some naruto! and it was about time because i've almost watched up to episode 100 and hadn't had the urge to icon yet, which is weird. these were made from the INANE colored manga scans-- there's so many people to credit i wouldn't know where to begin so go check over there. i call this another one of my difference batches-- almost all icons have one (or more) difference layers i love so much. so i hope you like them! ^_^

_10 naruto (naruto, sakura, kakashi, tenten, obito, gaara, shikamaru)

credits/resources here (hasn't been updated in a while, but i (hopefully) will soon!).


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