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merlin: underappreciated arthur/morgana moments!

despite shipping woes, i'm really, really excited about series 3 of merlin. i've kind of been away from the fandom since the break started, but i wanted to do something to commemorate the upcoming new season, and i thought, since my OTP is so pretty and i love making graphics so much, obviously a picspam would be the way to go. of course, since i'm the queen of procrastination, i got it finished just the day series 3 premieres. lol. ^^;;;

okay, so maybe they're not exactly underappreciated. a lot of people saw these and acknowledge them, but usually picspams tend to focus on the "big" moments, so these don't get enough love. honestly, i adore the armor scene and "my lady/my champion" just as much as the next shipper, but i'm also a big fan of the little details, and these scenes made me squee. they may not be in any way romantic (although if you squint, maybe--), but i saw something in them that made the moment stick in my mind. these are the moments you may have missed, or you may have noticed them but let them be overshadowed by bigger, more obvious shippy moments (or, in the case of series 2, by the lack of more obvious shippy moments. *rolls eyes*). but seriously, for a true fangirl, even having the couple just standing in the same frame is good enough reason to rejoice. ;)


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freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

arthur/morgana & david/selena!

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this post is VERY image-heavy. you've been warned.

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