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CSIM + hannah montana + lost

i saw "curse of the coffin" yesterday. so you see, i couldn't help myself xD the HM icons are pretty uninspired. what can i say? they're a bit rushed. as for coloring, the usual, only i was actually going for weird this time ^^;;; the eric/ryan & horatio/natalia graphics? i've no idea where they came from, i don't even ship those couples. funny, i guess the caps were just too good not to use them. now excuse me while my lack of modesty and i go and snog the "burn, baby, burn" graphic-- we're in love, you see... *rushes out*

this post is VERY image-heavy. you've been warned.

57 icons & 30 graphics total...

_18 header-sized csi miami graphics (ryan, horatio, calleigh, emily procter, ryan/calleigh, natalia, eric/ryan, horatio/natalia) + variations
_15 csi miami & cast (from the header-sized graphics) + variations
_14 hannah montana & cast (emily osment, emily & miley, emily+miley+mitchel, miley & lilly, miley cyrus, oliver/lilly) + variations
_13 lost (claire, charlie+claire+aaron, charlie/claire, jack/kate, charlie) + variations

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freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

CSIM + CSINY + everwood + lost

before i say anything regarding this batch, i have two things i have to say. first:

if you're a fan of jonathan togo, who plays ryan wolfe in csi miami, please consider joining our new community, jontogo_ftw:

...because that man totally wins at life. how can anyone not love him? ^__________^

second point of order, if you can, please do me a favor and rate my icons in my latest pick my best post? it would mean a lot to me. thankies ^^

and now, onto the iconage. due to my finding new, high-quality CSIM images, i started this batch out by wanting to try some daring and sharp coloring. lots of dramatic selective coloring and difference layers. this is what you'll see in most of the CSIM icons. the usual characters apply, though i'm especially proud of iconing natalia, because she needs some lovin' in the fandom, and eric, who i've been almost neglecting so far. even some strange ships that you wouldn't expect from me but the images were too good not to use them ^^;;;

by the time i moved onto CSINY, the images were even better quality because they were promo images... it didn't take too much to make them look different. therefore, the coloring is a bit more subtle but still sharp, i would say. i'm happy because i finally managed to make lindsay icons ^.^ i was waiting to icon her. and i got hawkes into one, even if he's not by himself. the rest is the usual stella (the woman's gorgeous, her icons come out right no matter what i do to them. kinda like calleigh), danny and the boys. i wanted to make some danny/lindsay (because i just saw "sleight out of hand" like an hour ago!) but the D/L images are waaaayyy down the list for some reason...

everwood? it's been ages since i made an everwood icon. but i've been watching the series as it reruns on the WB, from the very first chapter, and i'm remembering why i loved it so much. i had never even seen the first season before! so i decided to make icons. they're all ephramy because i just love them... though i wanted to make some bright/hannah icons, but they didn't come out right. maybe i'll make some of those for next batch. coloring's pretty normal in these ones, i'd think. buncha selective coloring and such.

and for lost, i had to go and make a bunch of charlie/claire icons because i JUST found out what happens at the end of the season... AXN has only aired up to "exposé" at the moment, so that's as far as i've seen. and speaking of "exposé," that episode is the reason you'll find the couple odd boone and paulo icons in the midst of all the C&C-ness. THANK YOU, JJ ABRAMS AND CREW. kill all my favorite characters, why don't you? oh, wait, you already did >.< i have to say this again. THANK YOU, JJ ABRAMS AND CREW. way to break my heart. maybe i should start liking john locke, that way he'll finally kick the bucket. but no, with my luck, he'll be the last man standing. yeah, i know that's the way it'll go... anyway, the coloring in the lost icons is much more subtle, mainly because the images are so much lighter. outdoors and such. but i find i quite like the subtle touch to them, i hope you do too.

what can you expect in the next batch? pretty much the same as this one. i still have about a million images of these series to go through xD

104 icons total...

_24 csi miami (calleigh, ryan, ryan/calleigh, jon togo, eric, eric/natalia/ryan, natalia, eric/natalia, horatio, something that could be interpreted as ryan/valera, ryan & eric) + variations
_4 header-sized csi miami graphics (ryan/calleigh) + variations
_11 csi ny (stella, lindsay, mac/stella, flack, danny, flack & hawkes, mac) + 1 variation
_8 everwood (greg/emily, ephram/amy) + variations
_15 lost (charlie/claire, charlie, boone, claire, paulo) + variations

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