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house, HP, EVA & WoWP

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5 wallpapers, 19 graphics & 195 icons total...

_1 house md wallpaper
| chase/cameron
_8 house md icons | from the wallpaper
_2 harry potter cast wallpapers | the trio
_3 harry potter cast header-sized banners | the trio, tom/bonnie
_15 harry potter cast icons | from the wallpapers & graphics
_2 evangelion wallpaper | kaworu, rei, shinji, asuka, touji, hikari & kensuke, shinji/asuka
_72 evangelion icons | asuka, rei, shinji, mari, kaworu, misato
_16 WoWP cast header-sized banners | david/selena
_91 WoWP icons | david/selena

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freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

bleach, HP, and a bunch more multifandom!

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3 wallpapers, & 46 icons total...

_1 avatar: the last airbender icon
| zutara
_2 bleach manga wallpapers | hitsugaya, ishihime
_21 bleach manga icons | hitsugaya, ishida, orihime, ishihime, starrk, soi fong
_2 hannah montana & cast icons | miley + emily + mitchel, oliver/lilly
_1 hannah montana cast FO banner | miley + emily + mitchel
_3 house MD icons | chase/cameron
_1 harry potter wallpaper | the trio
_15 harry potter icons | the trio (some individual and in pairs), harry/hermione
_1 harry potter header-sized banner | the trio
_3 neon genesis evangelion icons | shinji, asuka, shinji/asuka
_1 robin hood (bbc) icon | robin/marian

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freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

WatXM, champloo, narnia, HM, house...

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2 wallpapers, & 75 icons total...

_21 chronicles of narnia: prince caspian icons
| nikabrik, the pevensies & caspian (alone and in different groups) from the bloopers & the deleted scenes
_18 hannah montana icons | oliver/lilly, oliver, lilly, and also mitchel & mitchel/emily from the "if i didn't have you" video
_1 hannah montana wallpaper | oliver/lilly
_19 house MD icons | chase/cameron, chase, cameron
_10 samurai champloo icons | jin/fuu, jin, fuu
_1 samurai champloo wallpaper | jin/fuu
_7 wolverine & the x-men icons | kurt/kitty, scott, emma, ororo, logan, piotr

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some of these animated icons may be too big for LJ. i could swear when i saved them they were under 40 kb, but apparently i was wrong. if you desperately want to use one for LJ and it's too big, let me know and i'll try my best to reduce the file size. sorry 'bout that.

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freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

season (& movie) promos!

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5 wallpapers, 10 headers/banners & 71 icons total...

_10 brothers & sisters & cast icons
| rebecca, dave/emily, julia, justin, justin/rebecca, kitty, nora, sarah, scotty | + variations
_2 brothers & sisters headers/banners | justin/rebecca | + variations
_1 brothers & sisters wallpaper | justin/rebecca
_21 chronicles of narnia: prince caspian icons | the pevensies & caspian (alone and in different groups) | + variations
_1 chronicles of narnia: prince caspian wallpaper | caspian/susan
_1 chronicles of narnia: prince caspian header/banner | caspian/susan | + variations
_10 harry potter & HBP icons | harry/hermione, harry, ron/hermione, ron, draco, hermione | + variations
_1 harry potter & HBP wallpaper | harry/hermione
_5 house md icons | chase/cameron, chase, cameron, house, thirteen | + variations
_2 house md headers/banners | chase/cameron | + variations
_2 house md cast wallpapers | chase/cameron

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this post is VERY image-heavy. you've been warned.

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freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

more narnia, and yet more house...

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3 wallpapers, 19 headers/banners & 54 icons total...

_16 chronicles of narnia: prince caspian icons
| the pevensies & caspian (alone and in different groups) | + variations
_2 chronicles of narnia: prince caspian wallpapers | caspian/susan (or ben/anna)
_22 chronicles of narnia: prince caspian icons | from the wallpapers
_2 chronicles of narnia: prince caspian headers/banners | peter, caspian/susan | + variations
_10 house md icons | chase/cameron, cameron & chase from ep. 1.04 | + variations
_13 house md & cast headers/banners | chase/cameron
_1 house md cast wallpaper | chase/cameron (or jesse/jennifer)

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this post is VERY image-heavy. you've been warned.

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pluggage!: doesn't have to, my caspian/susan fanfic.
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freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

narnia, cold case & my chase/cam anniversary celebration, part the second

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1 wallpaper, 23 headers/banners & 108 icons total...

_21 chronicles of narnia: prince caspian icons
| caspian, susan, edmond, lucy, peter (solo and in different groups) | + variations
_20 cold case icons | lilly, scotty & scotty/lilly from ep. 5.15 & some old promos | + 1 variation
_3 cold case headers/banners | scotty/lilly from ep. 5.15
_33 house md & cast icons | jesse, jen, jesse/jen, and also cameron, chase, the ducklings & chase/cameron from ep. 1.03 | + variations
_12 house md & cast headers/banners | jesse/jennifer, and also chase/cameron from ep. 1.03 | + variations
_1 house md cast wallpaper | jesse/jennifer

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pluggage!: inside out, my chase/cam video! (part 1 of the celebration)
freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

this post i call... house-zilla! xDDD

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1 wallpaper, 12 headers/banners & 75 icons total...

_18 house md icons
| cameron, chase, the ducklings & chase/cameron from ep. 1.02 | + variations
_5 house md headers/banners | house/cuddy from ep. 4.09, chase/cameron from ep. 1.02 | + variations
_3 house md cast headers/banners | jesse spencer/jennifer morrison, jesse spencer
_1 house md cast wallpaper | the whole cast (all 4 seasons)
_50 house md & cast icons | from the headers/banners & wallpaper, includes some rare pairings

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and yet more pluggage: made tonight & bookmaker's choice, my chase/cameron fics.

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freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

is there a dr. house in the house?

first off, we have a shiny new layout here at wakizashi_! pretty, isn't it? i love the color scheme xDDD

so here we have some house because the promo pics are pretty, AND then i found nightfall_icons's lovely chase/cameron caps. in retrospect, i shouldn't have started from 1.01; the quality is just so bad. not the caps, of course (*loves and worships nightfall_icons*) but the episode itself. it's all so blurry and the colors are so blah. hell to icon, i tell you. BUT, i couldn't resist chase and that gorgeous hair of his.

the wallpaper featuring ron was made in honor of his birthday on march 1st. if you like it, you should head over to heart, mind & soul because we're having a ron-fest through the whole month of march!

the robin hood wallpapers are based on the new layout & profile layout for my LJ @ girls_are_weird. the second one will probably make robin/marian shippers want to cry-- i know it did to me, while i had it as MY wallpaper-- and i'm sorry about that, but i did love that scene, regardless of the insane plot twists that followed suit. *shrug*

the persona 3 wallpaper, that one i made for my little cousin as a request. i'm not part of that fandom, i don't play the game, and whatever i know of it is only peripheral, through my brother & cousin. the wall was custom, so that's why i only bothered saving it in one resolution. sorry to the widescreen users =(

and lastly, the jesse/jen wall... let's not talk about that, shall we? *SOBSOB*

in other news... lookie, i have text! how exciting xDDD and i seem to have rediscovered scribbly text brushes. wow.

for next time? way more chase/cameron, if the obsession still holds. because i've only iconed 1.01, which means i'm JUST getting started.

4 wallpapers, 16 header-sized graphics & 82 icons total...

_1 harry potter wallpaper
| ron
_1 persona 3 wallpaper | minato
_2 robin hood wallpaper | robin/marian, the outlaws
_5 robin hood icons | from the robin/marian wallpaper
_53 house md icons | house, cameron, wilson, chase, cuddy, chase/cameron from the season 4 promos, and then more chase/cameron from episode 1 | + variations
_7 house md header-sized graphics | chase/cameron, cameron | + variations
_1 house md cast wallpaper | jesse/jennifer
_10 house md cast icons | from the wallpaper

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pluggage!: made tonight, my chase/cameron fic.
freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

multifandom like whoa!

...well, as far as fandoms go, this one's a doozy.

first there's some psych, to celebrate season 2 finally airing here in september! (you guys up @ the north are lucky that you're already getting it... *sigh*). not much to comment on these; most of them are kind of busy, but some i really like.

the house icons came out of the blue. and they're pretty simple. the exact opposite of busy, in fact; perhaps too empty. go figure. but again, some of them i do honestly like a lot. like the chase/cam icons. because i'm SO in denial about jessifer's break-up. mass hallucination, i tell you! it's all a conspiracy! *cries*

we have some more CSIM, from 04.03, "prey." do you realize i'm only three episodes into season 4, as far as my icon-making from my saved caps goes? that means i still have to go through all my caps of seasons 4 and 5 to be done with my CSIM to-icon list. it's crazy. i also made some graphics, including a calleigh one in the style of my "burn, baby, burn" horatio graphic. hmmm, maybe i should start a series with all the characters...

and about the HP... more like emma watson, really. i know i said i'd make some rupert & emma from the french OotP photocall/premiere, but the caps from emma @ the today show were first on the list and i didn't remember. i don't much care for iconing only emma, but i have to admit she makes some gorgeous icons. and anyway, i couldn't help making some trio graphics as well. those of you who have the comm friended might recognize one of them ;)

and lastly, last week i finally caught up with the bleach manga, and i felt somewhat compelled to color some of it. i wasn't going to make icons of that but i figured i could just cut & resize since they were already colored ^^;;; so here you have 'em.

89 icons, and 8 graphics total...

_12 bleach manga (possible spoilers for recent chapters! ulquiorra, orihime, shirosaki, ichigo, ichihime, ishida, nejibana, noitora, szayeru, szayeru & ishida, ulquihime)
_11 csi miami (calleigh, ryan/calleigh, ryan, natalia, eric/calleigh, eric) + variations
_4 header-sized csi miami graphics (ryan/calleigh, natalia, calleigh) + variations
_11 house MD (cameron, house, chase/cameron, cuddy, house/cuddy, the ducklings) + variations
_10 emma watson (from the today show & russian elle girl) + variations
_2 header-sized HP&OotP graphics (the trio in and out of character)
_7 HP&OotP & cast (from the graphics)
_23 psych (shawn, gus, juliet, shawn/juliet) + variations
_1 psych wallpaper (the whole cast from the season 2 promos)

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still plugging!: a rather indecent proposal, my post-DH, ron/luna fanfic.
freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

HP&OotP + house

*GASP!* no csi miami?! i know, i'm as surprised as you are. i'm sure it'll come back after harry potter month is over ^^;;;

so now, to celebrate the wonderful, WONDERFUL trio-fest that was deathly hallows (mrs. jo: i love you, i stalk you, i worship you!), i bring you tons and TONS of HP icons, from OotP and from various photoshoots, mostly the london photocall for the movie. the majority of it is the trio (of course), but there's a bit of other people in there. and yes, i had a lot of fun leaving katie leung out of every frame. not that i don't like the girl, but i'm more trio-focused at the moment... TRIO! ♥♥♥ ^_______^ most of the images are from senseandsensibility.org.

the house icons? well, last week i saw house MD for the first time and, being the geeky, sarcasm-loving girl that i am, of course i loved it. as it turns out, the episode in case was "act your age," and so of course i started shipping chase/cameron right off the bat, nevermind that i've only seen one episode... *sigh* i couldn't help myself. and so i went online to look up pics and found out that jesse spencer and jennifer morrison are actually engaged to be married and OMGTOOCUTE*MELTS*!! ^.^ (he actually proposed to her IN PARIS... IN FRENCH! OMG isn't he the perfect man?!?!?! *melts some more*) so you see, i HAD to fix me up some jessifer icons.

as for the coloring, well, be ready for some oversaturation on one side, and then some wash-out on the other side. i started off oversaturating and trying weird stuff, probably because i just wanted to be rid of the blue world that was OotP, and i got a bit out of hand on the brightness of the reds, blues and purples. difference layers are very common, as are curves. i call this my "channel mixer" batch because nearly every icon has a channel mixer layer. when i ran out of ideas as to what to do to color, i slapped in a channel mixer layer and turned the thing 180. so yeah...

in the next batch!: more of this. i've only just started using my house pics, after all. expect some shippiness of the chase/cam sort. and more harry potter, of course-- the pics from the premieres and from the hand/foot/wand ceremony are calling me. maybe there'll be some shippiness as well, i haven't made a good h/hr icon in AGES...

90 icons, 7 graphics and 1 wallpaper total...

_10 house MD & cast (cameron, chase, house, jessifer) + variations
_30 HP&OotP & cast (the DA six, sirius, ron, luna, ginny, dan/emma, hermione, actors trio, rupert & dan, rupert/emma, rupert/evanna) + variations
_1 HP&OotP wallpaper (the trio)
_7 header-sized HP&OotP graphics (from the wallpaper, includes subgroups & individuals)

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still plugging: jontogo_ftw