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high school musical & ultimate x-men

wow, it's been quite some time since i've updated here, hasn't it? O_o i guess finals and then traveling back home to a slower internet connection can do that to you. but now i'm back, and with a batch that's bigger than the usual!

anyway, when i got to panama they were just about to premiere high school musical in disney channel latin america, so i got the chance to see the movie again, this time in spanish. i have to say the dub's not too bad, though i still obviously prefer it in english. as i write this, i've seen the movie four times in spanish already @_@ and i still love it to death (though by now it's been like 10 times counting both languages). i've been reading fanfics and of course i decided to make icons. though they're crap not my best, and i can count on one hand those i feel satisfied with, i still like the fact that they're different from what i usually do. so here you have 'em. there's especially lots of troy because, of course, zac efron is totally hot and he makes me feel like a cradle-snatcher cuz he's younger than i am and it so makes me feel weird >.< i'll probably make more in the future-- i'm dying to get my hands on a good cap of jason & kelsi throwing the ball or of troy & gabriella's almost-kiss. if you have any of those or know where to find them, please please please show me the way. i will love you forever! ^.^

also a few ultimate x-men icons because i've been reading some of the early issues and the art is soooo awesome. funny, these are simpler and more rushed than the HSM icons but i like them 10 times better #_# maybe it's god's way of telling me that i should stick to iconing fandoms that are-- well-- drawn. inked. you get my drift.

this batch could almost be subtitled "tan layer" batch. almost every single one of these icons has one of those set to darken. there's also lots of selective color layers and lots of upped saturation layers. they're awesome, if a little tricky.

_27 HSM (troy/gabriella, troy, kelsi, sharpay, gabriella, sharpay & ryan, taylor, ryan)
_5 UXM (storm, cyclops, magneto, nightcrawler)

credits/resources here (hasn't been updated in a while, but i (hopefully) will soon!).


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