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hagaren & PJO!

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2 wallpapers, 14 headers/banners & 152 icons total...

_1 hagaren alchemist wallpaper
| pride
_2 hagaren headers/banners | edowin
_105 hagaren icons | hughes, alphonse, edward, selim, olivier, mei, hohenheim, the homunculi, edowin, winry, pride, envy, roy, the armstrong siblings, gluttony, father, scar/riza
_1 PJO wallpaper | percy/annabeth
_12 PJO headers/banners | percy/annabeth, thalia, luke, luke/thalia
_47 PJO icons | annabeth, percy, thalia, luke, percy/annabeth, luke/thalia

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this post is VERY image-heavy. you've been warned.

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freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

bleach icons + hagaren wall!

hey guys! i bring like a ton of icons from my newest fandom-- bleach! this bunch has a lot of light and also a lot of difference layers as always... though i did notice that they're a little more blurry than usual. anyway, i hope you like them!

nousia, i still remember that i promised you ExT icons in this batch-- they're coming over the weekend! i've only made like... two so far. i still want to make more, but i wanted to get rid of these bleach icons first. so fear not, some ExT is coming soon. sorry for the delay! ^^;;; and more bleach is sure to come, too, because i haven't even tried iconing with the colored manga scans yet.

_18 bleach (chado, shiro-chan, ichiruki, ichigo, orihime, ishihime, ishida, renji, byakuya, zangetsu)
_1 hagaren wallpaper (edo+win+aru)

credits/resources here (hasn't been updated in a while, but i (hopefully) will soon!).


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