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a bit of a wallpaper post

as i was making a wallpaper for myself yesterday, i remembered i'd made quite a few of them in the last few months, that i hadn't posted here yet.

some of them are totally original, some are based on layouts i've made for my websites/communities. like the kurt/kitty one, well, in fact in that case i made the wallpaper first and then used it for kurtty's layout. the samurai champloo one came from tryptophan's layout.

the fanart used for the digimon wallpaper, it's most definitely not mine! i'm pretty sure it's from "tir na nog", and i would give you the link but i can't find the website at the moment ^^;;; the link i have doesn't take me to the webpage, they must've moved or closed or something. but they were really famous, definitely the best digimon fanart i've seen to this day-- if anyone has a new link they can give me, i'll be most grateful and will edit this post to give the proper credit.

i also made a few icons out of the wallpapers, in case anyone wants them.

_12 digimon 01 + 1 wallpaper (all the DD's)
_3 JQ:TRA + 1 wallpaper (jonny/jessie)
_3 UXM + 1 wallpaper (kurt/kitty)
_5 champloo + 1 wallpaper (fuu, mugen, jin)
_4 superman returns + 1 wallpaper (brandon, kate)

credits/resources here.


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